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    How old are your rabbits??

    8 years old for my little Benji :) Jen
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    Indorex- how safe is it for a bun that licks EVERYTHING

    I work with dogs every day and although I have tried my hardest to avoid bringing unwanted friends home with me, 3 years later I have now succeeded in bringing flea (s) home who more than happily leapt on my rabbit Benji and set up camp. I haven't seen any flea or got bitten as of yet. I took...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    Thanks Jbun! I'm so thrilled :-D! I can't believe he's awake and it's all done. That other vet I saw before scared the living bejesus out of me that benji wouldn't survive the anaesthetic. It wasn't actually Mark- he is on holiday but I was told the other vets there are all highly specialised...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    He's out now and on the way home. The vet actually ended up removing a tooth! Apparently it was fractured and I asked how this could be and he said the tooth itself was very unhealthy after having done the X-rays so anything could have done it. But Ben is doing well and he's got his...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    Well iv just come out of my appointment and the vet was brilliant. He said that they weren't as bad as the other vet made out and no extraction was necessary!! They have taken him in for x rays and to file down the molars and he said benji should be absolutely fine. I'm so thrilled I am...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    Thank you guys. Iv got a new dilemma now :-(. Mark at trinity is away until next Thursday. Can I afford to wait weeks with this? How quick do dental problems progress? Benji is eating all his food with gusto, I think he's chewing properly, and as we speak I'm waiting him wash himself and clean...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    Thanks squidpop, I'm glad I'm not over analysing the situation and others agree! That's good. The way she made it out to me was that the chance was very slim and didn't even mention the option of grinding them. Jbun you are an angel. Thank you a million and I will get in touch with these two...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    Thanks Jbun I really appreciate the reply. That's what I thought! Thank you. And I'm right in thinking grinding the molars down wouldn't be as risky because it would be under sedation? I live in Sutton so anywhere within a half hour drive is ideal but like i said I'll go just about anywhere...
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    Old rabbit dental...advice really needed

    Benji is 8 years old and he had his incisors extracted when he was about 6, under anasthetic. He had been going to the vets every 3 weeks to get them filed down for a couple of years, and they said it was to do with his genetics. I decided then to get them removed, because it was so unfair on...
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    Overweight, messy butt & hates hay

    No no benji is not overweight at all. He's perfect weight for his size. My comments were just in relation to past problems iv had with his diet to help the original poster but over the years iv fine tuned his diet to suit him the best :-) Jen
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    Share your tattoos!

    Lovely ink!! Here are mine I had some problems with that second one actually, the second flower to be finished kept rashing up for months. I took antihistamines and it went away, but then came back, but now thankfully it seems to have gone for good. It was SO itchy and angry. Anyone else...
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    guard dog or monitor?

    Awesome!!!! How gorgeous. Haha my boyfriend is hell bent on an Asian Water Monitor. I had to draw the line lol we don't have enough room! You definitely wouldn't get burglars haha!! Jen
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    what other pets do you have?

    I have benji my bunbun who is 8 years old next month 2 blue tongue skinks, winston and Mandela 5 tarantulas (cobalt blue, king baboon, curly hair, chile rose and brazilian black) 2 Tanzanian red claw scorpions And Gary, my giant african land snail! Soon to be adding a goliath as well...
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    My boyfriend, not fb lol my silly autocorrect
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    Question on hamsters

    Hamster muesli, boiled eggs, cooked meats such as boiled chicken, vegetables and fruit Jen