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    Anyone have a rabbit that is NOT spayed/neutered, and HAPPY the way they are?

    My Mini-Lop rabbit Guy, is unfixed and is a very happy, loving bunny. He is so enthusiastic about almost everything and has a buzzy excited noise that can be heard very often :bunnyheart Yes, he likes to try and hump my hand and can be a little nippy when he gets carried away, but he is...
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    Aw Lionheads have their own brand of rabbitude for sure. There is a noise for every annyance erm I mean "occaison" too. Looking forward to reading more about their life with you. Jo x
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    Miss Sweetie

    I'm sorry Sweetie left for the Bridge :0(. The first and last thing she knew in your company Dave, was love. At the Bridge she will feel it still and return some in spirit. Binky free lovely bunny momma Sweetie. Jo xx
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    What type of lop am I?

    With those ears in mind, I agree with all the "mini-lop" answers :0). Jo xx
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    If you can sense my thoughts where you are Fluffy girl, you will know you have not been forgotten in the years that have passed since this thread was originally made. Jo xx
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    Benjamin Bunny Jan 2008-Aug 22, 2011

    There is always a place for epic bunny threads, happy or sad. Benjamin sounds like such a character and I'm so sorry his physical health took him away from you :0(. Binky high at the Bridge Benjamin. Jo xx
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    This is what I came home to

    Lovely! Jo xx
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    funny bunny nicknames

    My Dad has given Guy a new nickname: 'Oliver', as in Oliver Twist - "Can I have some more?" - because after being given one treat he stands up and will even walk on his back legs to beg for another. Love that bun xx :0).
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    Binky free my beautiful Fluffy....

    What a beautiful girl! May memories of her strong spirit help you smile again. She was so loved by you and she would have felt it in so many ways. My first bun was a feisty Lionhead girl I named Fluffy. Even though I have 2 other rabbits now, I still talk to her. Jo xx
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    Happy to be back

    Welcome back Elena! I had wondered how you were getting on. Jo xx
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    I'm so sorry you have lost 2 precious rabbits :(. You helped them live as long as they could - loving them, letting them know they were so important to you. Binky together at the Rainbow Bridge Daisy and Bella. Jo xx
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    RIP Grover

    Looking at your photo of Grover, well no wonder you fell in love with him! I'm sorry his life was so short :(. Know you did all you could for him and he knew what it was to be loved because of how you treated him. Binky free sweet boy. Jo xx
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    Jump for joy - Jar Jar Binks - and binky free!

    I'm sorry for your loss :(. Sometimes the bunny body gives up due to medical conditons even tho' the bunny spirit is still fighting to live. The first and last memories on earth Jar Jar Binks had of you will have been your love. Binkying at the Bridge, that love will never be forgotten...
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    Fat Bunny Anonymous

    I_heart_Fraggles wrote: Troublesome enablers eh :D. Jo xx
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    cage licking?

    I saw 2 baby buns in a pet shop doing this the other day, no idea why tho.