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    Caramel passed away yesterday morning

    Thank you all for your condolences and support. We're SO heartbroken over Caramel's passing.
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    Caramel passed away yesterday morning

    It's hurts me [so much] to write that Caramel passed away yesterday morning. He was such a great pal, who gave us so much love. We're going to miss him SO much.
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    Caramel is feeling so much better!!

    I just wanted to tell everyone that Caramel, my 11 yr+ old, is doing much better since we got him the vet bedding (fleece) for his condo, as well as putting antibiotics and bag balm on his sore hocks. Caramel still urinates on the condo floor, but at least the fleece absorbs it and therefore...
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    This Travelers Insurance TV commercial is so hysterical and cute

    Have you seen this TV commercial? What do you think? http://www.youtube.com/v/Q9LzeDg8z-M&hl=en&fs=1
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    Is it good to feed calf manna to a senior bunny who's lost weight?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I read the ingredients of the Nutri Cal Senior. Since it's made for dogs, are all the ingredients good for rabbits? If so, I know that the glucosamine would be great for my little guy's arthritis.
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    Is it good to feed calf manna to a senior bunny who's lost weight?

    fuzz16 wrote: GOOD point! I had my bunny checked by a vet. All seems OK, e.g. heart, lungs, full body x-ray, blood work. Even though he lost .5 lbs over the past year, I'm going to stop the calf manna,as recommended. Since my little guys sore hocks are healing, he's so much happier. It's GREAT...
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    Is it good to feed calf manna to a senior bunny who's lost weight?

    I'm glad I asked. How much Nutri Cal do you give to the bunny? Thanks.
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    My 11 yr old bunny is getting very lazy with litter box habits

    I purchased the vet bedding and it's been great for my senior bunny. It definitely keeps the urine away from him. In addition to the vet bedding, we've been putting antibiotic ointment and bag balm on his sore hocks. His sores are also healing making Caramel a very happy bunny again :D.
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    Is it good to feed calf manna to a senior bunny who's lost weight?

    My 11+ yr old bunny lost .5 lbs over the past year. I was told I could feed him a small amount of calf manna. He's stomach did not tolerate Oxbow's alfalfa and timothy pellets. Is calf manna good for senior bunnies? All advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Senior Bunny Losing Weight

    Before starting anything, I did take my little guy to the vet. He had a checkup including full body x-ray and blood work. Caramel's been on Meticam for a couple of years because of arthritis in his spine. The x-ray showed that the arthritis got a bit worse from the year before. I was told that...
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    Senior Bunny Losing Weight

    I have a 11+ yr old bunny who is also losing weight. I tried feeding him Oxbow alfafa and Timothy hay pellets, but it didn't agree with his stomach. I tried it several times too. I was told by a local rescue agency that I could give him calf manna pellets to help him gain weight. I only give...
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    Can a rabbit eat cucumber? Finding it hard to get my rabbit to eat vegetables.

    OakRidgeRabbits wrote: My bunny wasn't crazy about veggies either. When younger, he ate only pellets/hay too. He's now 11+ yrs old.
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    Will fur grow back on sore hocks?

    SOOOSKA wrote: I was advised by 2 vets to use plain Vaseline. It seems to be working very well. I was also told to get fleece for my bunny's condo floor. The vet suggested that I get it online at -- Palace Pet. I already ordered it, but because of the holiday, it won't be shipped until...
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    Will fur grow back on sore hocks?

    My bunny's sore hocks are healing very nicely. They are less red and sensitive. :D Will the fur grow back where the sores are healing? Thanks.
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    Loose poops after feedling pellets

    We still haven't been able to get a urine sample taken. His blood test didn't show an infection, but it showed some sort of inflammation. Caramel hasn't eaten vegetables in years. In fact, he never was a very big vegetable eater. I believe his poop problem is from the pellets. I took the...