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  1. James + Ted

    The forum software just updated

    Hmmm it worked that time for the galaxy pic lets see if it works with the bowl, which was the original pic subject ……I tried, it doesn’t also just tried attaching a pic of Chicago I had in my photo library, that didn’t work, either ……but I was able to attach a pic of a Vermeer painting I...
  2. James + Ted

    The forum software just updated

    Yeah that’s what I did (using iPad) Attach files Photo library (select pic or gif or vid) Add
  3. James + Ted

    The forum software just updated

    Just a minor issue, but I couldn’t upload a pic from my photo library into a post that I made in the nutrition + behavior forum. I have posted a few pics in the past using the same method, but I’m unable to do it now. I’m wondering if this is due to the software update?
  4. James + Ted

    Water bowl

    Thanks for the suggestion CrazyChickenGirl. That looks like a good product, but Ted doesn’t have a cage to attach it to. He is a free range bunn, with 24/7 access to half of my small house.
  5. James + Ted

    Water bowl

    Excellent suggestion, overhear. I think I will get that gravity waterer. Thanks.
  6. James + Ted

    Water bowl

    Hmm I tried posting a pic of the bowl from my photo library. I was able to do it in the past but it doesn’t work now. Anyway it’s a big stainless steel bowl meant for dogs, just wondering if anybody has knowledge of a smaller, tip proof bowl for mischievous rabbits?
  7. James + Ted

    Water bowl

    I have been using a ceramic bowl for Ted’s drinking water, but recently he’s acquired the bad habit of tipping it over. I’m looking for a new tip-proof bowl that’ll work for a rabbit. I will probably get a stainless steel bowl meant for dogs, unless anybody has a better suggestion…..?
  8. James + Ted

    Nasty Rabbit

    I was a difficult teenager. I suppose I’m lucky that I wasn’t rehomed during that time. :D I think it’s quite possible that with the spaying, and passage of time, she will settle down and become a good friend to you. Good luck!
  9. James + Ted

    Bald around an eye

    Nice detective work there!
  10. James + Ted

    Meet Butt Nugget

    That rabbit looks huge, almost big enough to put a saddle on and ride him. Ted and I wish you good luck with the Nugget. FYI there are many good resources here, like links to proper care + feeding of your bunn, and also good advice from helpful people.
  11. James + Ted

    OK to feed alfalfa cubes to adult rabbit ?

    I was referring to when I first saw Ted. What I think happened back then, was one of my neighbors moved away, and left him behind. So he was just roaming around the neighborhood for a while. I would see him in the evenings. He’d let me get close, then run away. I left food for him...
  12. James + Ted

    Rabbit diet question

    My bunn gets mostly 2nd cut Timothy hay plus some super-soft Timothy hay and also veggies. I give him just 1/8 cup Oxbow pellets approximately every other day. He weighs about 3 kg.
  13. James + Ted

    Favorite greens & veg

    Welcome to the forum. My Ted likes carrot tops, and arugula with carrot tops, green leaf lettuce with carrot tops, bok choy with carrot tops, kale with carrot tops, and carrot tops with a little piece of carrot. He loves those carrot tops!
  14. James + Ted

    OK to feed alfalfa cubes to adult rabbit ?

    Thanks Blue eyes, great info. I’m glad to learn that those cubes don’t aid in dental health. I found Ted in my yard several years ago, eventually caught him, and brought him inside. I estimate that he was maybe age two or three, then. I don’t know what his diet was previously, but he...
  15. James + Ted

    OK to feed alfalfa cubes to adult rabbit ?

    Hi…..i just learned that horses can have problems with intestinal blockage if they consume too much alfalfa. That got me wondering if the same can happen with rabbits? My Ted is approximately 6 years old. He’s seemingly healthy……active, affectionate, playful, not much overweight (if at...