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    Ted the Tyrant

    Ted usually wakes up my roommate by jumping on her bed and doing a couple of circles around her body, then sitting next to her head and staring at her until she gets up. This morning, she woke up early and was reading in bed for a while. Then took her glasses off and set them near her pillow...
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    What type of hay do you feed your rabbits?

    Thanks for the info. Somehow I missed it before, but now I see that they offer smaller quantities of oat hay.
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    Rabbit personalities are hilarious

    So cool that Shen and Xiao Wu goof around, and have each other for companionship. Were they always together, or did you have to bond them when they were older? Sometimes I think about getting Ted a bunn companion, but I tell myself that it probably wouldn’t work out. He’s so spoiled, he’d...
  4. James + Ted

    What type of hay do you feed your rabbits?

    I give Ted mostly 2nd cut timothy hay from Small Pet Select. Sometimes I add small amounts of alfalfa, or KayTee Timothy hay available from the grocer. Also sometimes I smush in some banana, or add very small amounts of diced apple. I try to give him some variety, to keep him interested...
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    The babies have arrived!

    Congrats on the new additions! They’re fun to look at.
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    Wish Lucas luck!

    Props to you for keeping a close eye on him. Good luck, Lucas!
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    Rabbit Rescue Volunteering

    I would wait for two weeks after your initial application to follow up with them. Emails sometimes get lost, so it’d be better to make live contact… phone, or in person. Ask if they received your application, and if they think you fit together. If not, then “have a nice day”, and...
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    Post pictures of your rabbits

    Great thread All these bunns are so cute, and fun to look at
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    Going vertical

    I wonder if he was able to jump down? Or was he trapped up there until you put him on the floor? When I saw Ted jumping off roomies bed, got concerned that he could hurt himself. So I created a kind of stairway that he could access to get off her bed more easily.
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    Going vertical

    Ted jumps onto my roommate’s bed sometimes. It is sorta high off the floor, 32 inches. Last Sunday we slept in. Roommate was half awake around 10:30 when Ted jumped up, then used a digging motion to get her sheet down to her waist. Then he repositioned, and got the sheet below her knees...
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    Could my indoor bunny have fleas???

    Sorry, I don’t have experience with that. I used Precor 2000. It was a while ago, but it worked fine, and I didn’t have any problems. I got the animals out of the house, vacuumed, sprayed the chemical on all affected areas, then returned after like 6 or 8 hours. Then vacuumed again, the...
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    Could my indoor bunny have fleas???

    That is a good article. IMO it’s important to vacuum repeatedly, and treat the affected areas with insect growth regulator, so you don’t have the same problem again next month.
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    Can I feed my rabbit a blueberry everyday?

    That made me laugh. Mine’s the same way. They are so furry and cute and timid……but also sometimes bossy and demanding.
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    Ted the Tyrant

    I talked with the vet about that, she said there’s no reason to have him neutered, if I didn’t want to do it. He’s generally well-behaved, but also high-spirited. As I write this, he is underneath me, head-butting the bottom of my chair. He keeps me amused!
  15. James + Ted

    Ted the Tyrant

    There is no question. This is HIS world, and I’m just living in it.