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    Ear tattoo

    It would have been his breeders way of keeping track of their rabbit records. Some breeders tattoo their rabbits as a way to identify them.
  2. J

    Breeding Mini Lops

    If you believe they would produce amazing colours and features then go for it. I have a brother/sister rabbits that have had litters together.
  3. J

    What kind of bunny do I have

    I vote Dutch. :)
  4. J

    Buck not going for the doe

    I had this same problem awhile ago. My buck wasn't interested in the doe, I had two rabbits at the time and then I bought another doe to complete my trio and then he done the job right.
  5. J

    I am going to be a director!

    Congrats :)
  6. J

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you too =]
  7. J

    My bunnies. What breed?

    Its hard to tell since the photos show up small. The brown rabbit doesn't look like a giant to me, they just look like crossbreeds to me.
  8. J

    New Software?

    I dont like it either.
  9. J

    Baby Tans

    I want one D; Cute btw :)
  10. J

    What are your hobbies?

    Hanging out with friends, camping, spending time with my rabbits, Tumblr and watching The Walking Dead. I think thats about it?
  11. J

    What breed are Dottie and Blossom?

    They don't look like purebred Lops. They are mixed breeds or crossbreeds ;)
  12. J

    2012 ARBA Convention in Kansas

    Awesome, sounds fun ;)
  13. J

    Need help with breed

    A side view would be good ;)
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    Have you ever seen a rabbit climb?

    Yes lol. My rabbit attempted to climb out of her playpen twice tonight while I was cleaning out her cage, she got to the top and just hung there until I picked her up :D
  15. J

    what breed is she?

    Looks like a Netherland Dwarf.