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    My Lionheads!

    Just thought i would post new pics of my lionheads. This is everyone except2 does and 3 bucks are old pics, my camera died! I am pretty happy with my herd. I have a thing for small ears, just cant stand lions with BIG ears!! So i am having pretty good luck with tiny ears! I have1 REW buck, 1...
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    runny nose.

    Thank you i will try that! I tried duramycin but it didnt do the job!
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    runny nose.

    A couple rabbits in my herd have runny noses. No snot just runny and sneeze one in a while. I have brought no new rabbits in. They act fine never stop eating no runny poop.Now my 9 week old litter has runny noses. What should i treat this with?
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    broken siamese sable.
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    Breeder Intros

    Rachel M. And i Breed Lionheads in Ohio. Shady Woods Rabbitry
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    This just hit me. Father is a smoke pearl. Their is 4 in the litter1 REW 1 Sable Point 1 Broken smoke pearl and one smoke pearl who i now think is blue. I kept on thinking why is he so dark next too his father? Its because hes a blue! Am i correct? And here is his Sire Sugar Daddy.
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    Faded smoke pearl?

    He is like a smutty smoke pearl color. I have a smoke pearl lionhead doe with the same color. and after her first litter she pulled herself bald. then her color grew back in the right color. Some of my stock came from the same lady you got yours from.
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    Breeding program

    Each one of my does are bred between May and July and thats the only time they are bred. Every Spring/Summer. I dont like to have them when it starts too get cold. So once A years is all my does are bred. I have 12 Does right now.
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    Do we have a Critque Page?

    I like her alot! love her ears! they should be short thick and round. Her break will shed out soon! i have some where it takes a little longer, then i have had some were by 9 weeks they have a nice break! She also has a nice head!!
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    Lionhead - Elops? (hypothetical)

    hmmm those would be strange looking rabbits!! i breed both those breeds not together of course lol i always make sure doors are shut tight when someone is out playing so those mix ups dont happen!
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    Broken Chestnut?
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    HappyFarmBunnies wrote: I agree.
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    Lots of babies!!

    Born 4-13. 2 Broken Blue Bucks 2 Broken Black Bucks, and 1 Lilac VM Doe. E- Lops Born 4/14. 2 Broken Chestnut's 1 buck 1 doe 3Orange buck's only have pics of2 some how lol 1 Orange doe 1 Black Tort buck Ialsojust had a litter of 3 Elops one solid tort and 2...
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    Another Color ?!

    So are these2 little boysseal or black? Mom is seal Dad is a broken chocolate. They were pink with black backs when born.I thought black babies were just all black when born?They are nowboth dark at 4 weeks old. Cant get my computer to load the pics will try later! They have a broken black sister.
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    Dwarf New Zealand White?

    I had this happn with a lionhead litter. They were all born on time tho. Their were 2 does and one buck. He stopped growing at 4 weeks and stayed the same size untill he passed at a little over 4 months old. I loved the little guy! Sisters grew fine tho!He was a little under 2 pounds when he...