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    Post pictures of your rabbits

    Heres a pic of Pancho sleeping!
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    Meet Bailey!

    He's adrorable!😍
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    Get to know each other game!

    My art teacher would tell us to play Bob Ross bingo! We would watch his videos and wait until he called the colors that we had on our card. It was pretty fun! TPBM has been on this forum for years.
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    Critical care prices sky rocket??!

    I've seen people sell the big bag for up to $60!!
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    The ban game

    I ban you for being a supporting member
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    Vet visit?

    Pancho is a 1 year old. I'll call my vet to ask them about blood works.
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    The ban game

    I ban you for being an artist!
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    I need major help with nails....

    Sounds pretty stressful :( Have you tried giving him a treat when you try to cut his nails? Giving him a treat might calm him down.
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    Growing cat grass for rabbits?

    Awhile back I grew some oat grass for Pancho! He really liked it. It said it was for cats but since it was just pure oat grass it was okay for Pancho to eat.
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    Vet visit?

    Hey everyone so I need someone to clarify on this; rabbits need a yearly vet visit right? If yes then can you guys tell me what to expect when I take Pancho to the vet. He's doing fine and everything I just wanna make sure I have to take him to the vet for a check up.
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    The food game

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    The food game

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    Get to know each other game!

    True! TPBM currently has a baby bunny.
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    The food game

    dates (the fruit lol)