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    Get to know each other game!

    yeah I have 2 dogs. TPBM has/had a hamster.
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    Emotional support rabbit

    As some of you know I struggle with ptsd. Recently I have been interested registering Pancho as an ESA. I just need to go to my therapist to do that. I just wanted to see if anyone has had experience with an emotional support bunny. 😊
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    What are you getting your buns for Christmas?

    I'm getting Pancho treats from an esty shop called fluffy bunny confections. I'm also getting toys from 101 rabbits shop!
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    What is your bunny name?

    My rabbits name is Pancho. Lol😂
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    How Old Are Your Rabbits?

    Pancho is a 1 year old.😊
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    Get to know each other game!

    They are cute but I don't want one. TPBM is over 18
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    Good morning!

    Good morning! Your bun is so adorable🥰 also Panchos veggie bowl looks similar to yours☺️
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    I free roamed my rabbit!

    Pancho is like 5 pounds and he's a 1 year old. Also your setup seems to be working out fine! if you want your bunny to have a home base then that's fine too as long as its a proper size which seems like you already nailed that part!
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    I free roamed my rabbit!

    Wow that's great to hear! I can agree that free roaming is much better than a cage!!
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    Help - Has my bunny been neutered?

    how old is he?
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    Get to know each other game!

    Ahh you called me out!😓 Yeah I have like 30+ missing assignments and I have quizzes! I just hope I get them done by Wednesday. (which is the last day to turn in missing work) so I'll be staying up to do it. The person below me is scared for tomorrow (the US election)😬
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    What type of toys does she have? Does she have a specific type of toys she likes?
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    Get to know each other game!

    Yeah I lost my rabbit Nacho, a few weeks ago.😔 (Bonded pair) The person below me shops cruelty free!🐰❤️
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    Get to know each other game!

    The food!😅 I just love the food its so good! I like seeing family too. The person below me likes halloween🎃👻