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    enclosure suggestions please

    Thank you! Just to double check, if he attempts to jump over it he won't get injured?
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    enclosure suggestions please

    Thanks! Do you think a large sheet of cardboard zip tied over it would work as well?
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    enclosure suggestions please

    Thanks! I found a nic grid and the way I would put it together, it would be roughly 34 inches high. Could he jump that?
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    enclosure suggestions please

    Hello. I have a 1.5 year old mini rex neutered male and I'm looking for some sort of fenced in enclosure for him to play in. He gets supervised free roam nearly all day when I'm home but since I've been going back to school lately I'm looking for some sort of pen he can have room to run in while...
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    Post pictures of sleepy buns!

    Hehe a very sleepy bun
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    What is your fashion ?

    I typically wear oversized sweatshirts with jeans. If it's super hot out I typically still wear the sweatshirt but I will wear Jean shorts. I don't really wear dresses of skirts unless I have to.
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    Is a stuffed animal companion a good idea?

    I think its a Good idea! I gave my boy a small bunny plushie that looked like him and he loves it! He loves to groom it (I made sure it doesn't have lose fur so he doesnt ingest too much) and sleep next to it. Here's a pic of him and his friend on a stroller ride
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    RIP my dear Pudding

    I'm so so sorry. May she rest in peace.
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    Good fit for breeding?

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    Good fit for breeding?

    We need baby pics!
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    Stroller ride :)
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    Dig Box

    My mini rex loves to dig and he typically digs on carpet or blankets. As a Christmas gift I thought he may enjoy a Dig Box. How would I make one for him? Is there a way to make it so it won't make a mess when he plays in it? Would he possibly think it's a litter Box? I don't want him to get...
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    Sore Hocks?

    Thank you. What is the best flooring to have him on to help him heal? I try to keep his nails trimmed and I always trim them up to the quick (I don't cut the quick just right below it) but the quick of his nails seem pretty long and I don't want to cause him to bleed.
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    Sore Hocks?

    I love it! 😆 My bun hates having his feet handled and he would most likely find a way to get the socks off of himself
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    Sore Hocks?

    Thanks! Currently, I have him on soft carpeting, a blanket, sometimes wood floor, and he has a ceramic tile he enjoys laying on from time to time. I don't think I would ever be able to get baby socks on him 😆 I have this, VETERICYN Plus Antimicrobial Wound & Skin Care Pet Spray | Chewy (Free...