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    What fresh foods or treats do your rabbits like?

    My vet told me to feed my Rabbit Romaine lettuce in very small quants
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    Struggling to find Timothy hay for a good price!!

    I have been trying to find quality hay for the past 4 years, one bag is fine and the next is chopped up pieces so small it is dust, the rabbits can't eat it. I have complained to Oxbow several times but apparently they don't care. The hay was so bad the chain of stores in Colorado sent back all...
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    Can you kiss your rabbit?

    I taught my Biscuit how to kiss and he paid attention, Immediately after demonstrating how to kiss, he immediately started kissing me, I think he understood everything I said, all I have to say today is "I love you" and he starts kissing me. Non rabbit owners would have a difficult time...
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    Can you kiss your rabbit?

    My Angora waits for me to open my eyes then jumps up on my bed and starts kissing me, sometimes for several minutes, what a wonderful way to wake up!
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    Rabbit Cage

    In almost 8 years of having bunnies I have never had them in a cage except when I take them to the groomer. My bunnies are a part of our family and they are free to roam around the house, although I may close off some rooms. They are potty trained so there is rarely an accident. When they were...
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    Jumping on my bed?

    My Biscuit comes up on the end of my bed each morning before I wake and waits for me to wake up. As soon as my eyes open he comes up to me, lays on my chest and starts kissing me on the face & lips for about 30 minutes. He does understand the words "I Love You" and will continue kissing as long...
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    How to get pee out of bed.

    Spray the stain with vinegar as soon as you discover it, most of it will disappear. Them laundry your sheets normally
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    Bunnies won’t bond!

    My 2 bunnies, which are brothers would not bond for two years, and often injured each other if they got together. I came home one day and they had tore down the gate that separated them and now they are together 24/7, they constantly lick and kissi each other. Don't give uo hope!
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    Artist Pet Peeves?

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    Any good tips on how to fall asleep?

    When I can't sleep my bunny biscuit will crawl up on the bed beside me & start giving me kisses til I fall asleep.
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    Get to know each other game!

    Why don't we discuss RABBITS and leave all the other private areas of our lives out of the rabbit forum. I logon almost daily to find information that will help me better person to and for my rabbit and almost all I read about is family issues and their private lives, Thanks!
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    Handling a touch-starved adopted bunny!

    I had the same problem with both of my rabbits, they didn't feel comfortable with their feet unsupported so I used a small pillow or towel under their feet so they would be supported. A few months later they were much more comfortable being picked up, but many times I still use a towel for support.
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    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    This is a "RABBIT forum, why are we discussing movies?
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    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    Why are we discussing movies on this forum, If everyone would look at the top of your page, it says"