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    We have a NEW bunny on its way to us....

    This makes me cry.Both because I kinda forgot the nuances of his story..and because I didnt know Peg felt that way about him. I'm glad he went to someone who will really love him.
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    Dachshund with raw bleeding ears

    Ok whats a raw food diet? Right now he's in an E Collar and getting rice and chicken... suggestions?
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    Dachshund with raw bleeding ears

    I have a Doxie I got from the shelter. He has this recurring issue with the tips of his ears and where his ears bend on the top becoming bloody messes. He scratches them raw and bleeds everywhere. We take him to the vet, he gets 2 being a hydrocortisone the other some sort of...
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    Turning 22 in a couple of weeks

    Well... your already married.. so that lil piece of advice is already shot to ****.If you weren't, I would say wait.. But your happy, so that's the good part. Having kids is a double edged sword. So many of the current team have elected to not even have kids, and to an extent, I envy them. My...
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    Halloween Costumes

    I'm going as an evil unicorn, and my guy is going as Angus Young, from Ac/Dc.. complete with light up horns and devil tail.. and im wearing rollerskates..since it's a rollergirl function. "something wicked this way evenin of inkin and worshipin skatin'..."
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    does anybody deal with child support ):

    Ugh.. I KNOW.. His ex wife is dead though now.. Karma.. I still have your stuff..ima message you on facebook.
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    does anybody deal with child support ):

    Kat- actually your wrong about Texas.. case in point. My kids dad.. my ex my whatever he is now that we dont identify.. when we were married..his daughter lived with his ex wife. His child support was automatically deducted from his check and he never saw it. Well she went off to...
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    365 project - a photo a day

    I joined.. Im going to do it as well. I'm followin you Peg..
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    Hope for the UVic rabbits?

    We dont show anymore.. I have probably 6-3 hole show rabbit carriers. They are in Texas.. not sure how we can work that out, but I am willing to donate them..
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    depending on when...Im about 2 hours from Whitehouse, im familiar with it..I have a friend who lives there..I am going to see Assasination City play in Dallas Sept 18th.. and skating the banked track in Austin 2 weekends in a row beginning Aug 28th.. I can in the areas...
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    I would like to introduce my temp foster-Update-In new home

    hahahaha He has many mom's He's a gunbunny now.. see the logo behind them? Sorry to be so short and sweet.. they paid quadzilla alotta money to teach us and i'm in the parking lot cavorting with rabbits..
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    Does anyone know about E.P.A.T or Achilles Tendon Surgery?

    I have a torn achilles tendon right now.. I skate with it.. I will be having the surgery..but due to my age (37, weight, and markers) I have to take the blood thinner as well.. I did the EPAT half way now I am at the surgery stage.
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    Cockatiel Egg and Chick Thread

    I held my breath when I opened this thread..
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    I had a doe with this.. Still have her actually. First the young should be removed.. they should not be fostered to another mother because mastitis is a bacterial infection, it can spread to the foster mother. You will end up having to hand rear them, but that takes alot pf patience and...