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    January Litters

    My mini rex is due anytime now,, Right now I havea litter of english lop bunnies. 6 of them.They are on my page is you want to have a look at them :) [Link Removed] Moderator Edit:Rabbitry link is in user's profile.
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    my favourite bunny
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    Tissue Boxes

    mine like tissue boxes and also any other small cardboard boxes..
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    Pictures of Purebred Rabbits

    you caan use any of my english lop pictures if you want...... here's my site: [Link Removed] Moderator Edit:Rabbitry link is in user's profile.
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    How many of you have cats, dogs and rabbits intermixed in a house?

    We have hedgehogs and rabbits, the cat is really good with the rabbits, she just follows them around and watches them.. connie
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    Canadian Residents - Rabbit Food

    sheesh, I'm so dense ,,,this was in reply to Bassetlver and I hit new topic intead of reply:blushan:
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    Canadian Residents - Rabbit Food

    wow that is funny,,,I checked in for the first time in ages and there you are the same night! I had been working double shifts at work, so hadn't been around,,plus had been in BC visiting my son and his gf..... we just got a comp at work hehehehehe,,so I will be able to check the forum more...
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    Canadian Residents - Rabbit Food

    Hi Bassetluv!!!!!!!! *waves from winnipeg*
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    Canadian Residents - Rabbit Food

    I use Cargills Rabbit performance. I really like it, and have tried other brands,,but this ones the best so far
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    I'm feeling targeted AGAIN!

    well, I think I would just have patience and down the road you will be trained. though it makes for problems for others at work ,,,friends usually look after friends first. I've seen that happen at lots of places. stick with the job,,,give it a time frame that you are willing to wait until...
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    Age/breed help Please!!

    Sorry, I don't know, but that's a very cute bunny you have!!
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    Straw in nesting box or???

    Thanks for the input to my questions :) I ended up putting wood shavings on the floor of the nestbox,,and then a layer of straw over it and around it. so far, so good. It seems silly that I can't find straw, being as I live on the prairies, but when I phoned around to stables etc to see if I...
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    Straw in nesting box or???

    HI,, My doe had 7 babies a few days ago. she has straw in the nest box and it is saturated...I have some hay but not much, would wood shavings and hay be ok?? what do most people use for their nesting boxes? thanks connie
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    Funniest thing your bunny has done :P

    this is a picture of her babies a couple of hours after they were born last night.
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    Funniest thing your bunny has done :P

    The colour of your rabbits fur is beautiful!