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    Any help offered is appreciated . I can try offering something different to nibble at. Her new trick is to piddle on people lol. 3 times she's managed it today. You can't say no when she comes looking for attention or be mad at the sweet little face after she's been naughty. I'm such a soft...
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    Thank you for your reply. I spoke with my vet Monday and she said July. I am her main care giver I didn't think gender had a part in it but never hurts to ask. I thought it might have been a dominance thing as I'm head of the house. As long as she remains happy and healthy and I know there is a...
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    Gypsy is now 4 months old. She has always nibbled us playfully when petting her. Over the last few days she has been making more little noises and nibbling more when people pet her. Today while I was laying on the sofa she jumped up to join me as she normally does. Only today she was a lot more...
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    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    All the bunnies are so cute. This is our Gypsy my son loves taking her pic. He sends them to me at work to cheer me up on bad days.
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    2018 Cages

    This is Gypsy's personal space. She has a pen for when we go out but most of the time she has free run of the house.
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    New Bunny

    Thank you. I was so worried. She didn't move when I got into her pen to feed her. She only woke up when I started shouting for my son. I felt so silly and she was probably laughing at me. We double team to do the health checks so she isn't on her back but held and supported. Since I posted she...
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    New Bunny

    Me and my boys got a new bunny. She's a Mini Lop named Gypsy. We're learning with her and love her so much. She's a proper diva and is so spoilt. I've done all my reading but yesterday I came downstairs to find her fast asleep on her back paws in the air sound asleep. My 17yo son messaged me...