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    Rebonding after stay at the vets

    Hi.. Any progress here?
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    Rabbit got a hold of my cats food.

    I'm glad you do what you can to help the situation, but I think in this case it is wise to separate them completely. You might need to limit the rabbit space and let him out only when you supervise. I also think your rabbit is getting too used to eating cat food.. Rabbits enjoy routine, and this...
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    Rabbit got a hold of my cats food.

    Hi.. Is there any way that the cat can be fed in another room, or somewhere your rabbit cannot access? Just putting this out there : although your cat and rabbit are fine now, at the end of the day your cat is still a dominant predator here, and stealing food might cause some irritation. We...
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    Odd stress-like behaviour (RIP)

    Sorry 😢
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    Favorite Photo!

    Kung-foo bunny, Ghost and Pandora ❤️
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    Should I get a fourth or rehome?

    Hello there. One simply does not get 'rid' of a rabbit. You've brought in the rabbit, and now s/he has had a glimpse of a loving home. (My guess is since that you're considering a fourth, financial constrains are not an issue). My best advice here is to stop adding more rabbits. They have a...
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    Happy birthday you gorgeous little one! ❤️
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    please help rabbit ate chocolate

    Hi! Off topic but if he's breathing heavy when its warm, it means he needs something to keep cool. Maybe an ice water bottle or a cold tile could be placed near him, if you can provide this when it's hot? Hope the chocolate didn't cause any problems. All the best!
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    Is this an ok x-pen ?

    Oh I'm sorry!
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    Is this an ok x-pen ?

    Just out of curiosity, did you have a profile called Jasminebunny? You sound alot like her and she had guinea pigs too. Anyway we are happy your rabbit is enjoying his new space. Good luck!
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    Is this an ok x-pen ?

    Hi.. My guess is that you are making alot of adjustments to his environment, so he probably just needs some time to get accustomed to his larger living space. Leave the gate open so he knows that he does have the option to come out, if not, let him take things at his own pace.
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    Is this an ok x-pen ?

    Hi! Do you think itll be okay to open up that pretty pink blanket and cover the entire floor? Bunnies tend to gnaw at most things.. And the paint is a bit worrisome 🤗
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    Rabbit pooping on hay!!

    Yes he will. But its also highly recommended that hay is topped up about 2-3 times a day, so it shouldn't be a problem ❤️
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    Bun with heart disease

    No idea but I'm so sorry your little one isn't well. Hope it all goes well 💕
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    will my rabbits be depressed when I go back to in person school?

    If you are still worried.. I think its a good idea to prepare them, in a way. Maybe everyday until you leave for school, leave them alone for 30 mins, then an hour or two at a time. This way, you can be rest assured that they will adjust to you not being around. Good luck with school and be safe!