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    Advice needed, it looks like we are

    Hummer -- I'm so glad you're bringing your bunwith you! Building a special enclosure for her outdoors sounds great!If we end up moving to Alabama, I'd like to do something similiar formy buns so they can have play time outside too! Bassetluv - :laugh: Holy smokes, I can just picture the...
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    My rabbit, Beans attacked my rabbit, Rice

    Good luck with the bonding! I hope the two of them will be friends again. Girls can be tricky. I had two sisters who were best buds as babies, then got altered and disliked each other. I managed to get them bonded again (took a 1500 mile road trip) they stayed bonded for almost a year and a half...
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    Advice needed, it looks like we are

    When I moved from New York to Florida, the twobuns I had at the time weren't quite bonded yet (they were sisters).The 1500 mile road trip (over a span of four days) did the trick! Ohthe adventures we had! The funniest being sneaking them into(and out of) a hotel in Savanah, GA in a duffel...
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    Rabbit Nicknames

    Spanky - Spankturd, honeybunny Hunter - Humpy-Dumpy, grunter Zealand - Z, little Z, Peeland Gunner - Gunny, Gunny Bunny Hoppi - Hoppiness, the King Giselle - miss grumpy pants
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    Disapproving Rabbits

    If you don't stop taking our picture, she'll NEVER loosen up! Gosh... (Spanky the brown rex with his new girlfriend Giselle) (she has since "loosened" up!)
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    Dirty Bum

    I've used cornstarch on my buns' bumsbefore on occasions. Can be messy but gets the job done!
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    Where in the house, (if they are a house rabbit)

    edwinf8936wrote: :laugh: Oh that's a fantastic way to describe it!
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    Getting Water To The Buns

    Neat idea! thanks for posting that. :)
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    Where in the house, (if they are a house rabbit)

    Our two couples have their cages in our"sunroom" (it's the first room you walk into, used to be a porch, thenwas enclosed), and they have different run times. Our two bachelor boyslive in our "basement" (it's ground level - no real cellars inFlorida!). Gunner used to have free run, but with...
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    Equine Fresh?

    I buy Equine Fresh from our TSC, have used itfor the past six to eight months, at least. It works pretty well,though I've noticed the past couple of bags that the pellets have beenbreaking down faster than they used to. And I have one bun who willkick it out of his box after it breaks down to a...
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    Raph had an accident

    Spring wrote: :dunno:I don't know. We were doing okay with going to the vetonce a month or soto have his teeth trimmed up. Hopefully hehasn't messed up his mouth too badly with this loose tooth. Keep yourfingers crossed. Bassetluv, how did the vet visit go? Is everyone going to be okay?
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    Raph had an accident

    Bassetluv wrote: Well I spoke to my vet a little while ago and told him what happened.He thought that maybe the tooth might firm back up. If not, he saidmaybe we ought to just pull the tooth out (Gunner is the bun withmalocclussion, so he's at the vet about once a month anyhow). So we'reon a...
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    Raph had an accident

    Talk about wierd -- my boy bun Gunner justknocked one of his top incisors loose! He got mad or something atour other boy Hoppi and tugged real hard on the cage, then startedmaking wierd motions with his mouth and his little tongue kept stickingout. My husband and I are inspecting him and one top...
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    Sully lost a nail,

    About a year and a half ago, my bun Spanky brokeoff a nail on his front paw (got startled by the dog, and jumped ontothe slick hardwood floor awkwardly). I have Kwik-Stop, whichI put on and that stopped the bleeding. It took a year, butit's grown back. (and he still hates hardwood floors. Not...
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    My Early Christmas Gift

    :bunnydance: Oh my! What a cutie!:inlove: