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    Oreo has G.I. Stasis

    So glad to see that she's bounced back. Gi stasis is scary.
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    HELP!! Issues with new bunny

    Oh no. So sorry for your loss. Know that you provided the best care for her. And absolutely loved her ❤
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    Vets won't help till friday!

    Oh no. So sorry for your loss. Know that you did everything you could and gave him the love and care he deserved. Sounds like there were other possible things going on. Hugs. And cherish the time you had with him.
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    Large tunnel

    I have a flemish and we have this one. I searched for largest cat tunnel i could find. He has plenty of room in here. 12''
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    Ear cleaner recommendations?

    I would say it's possible it's ear mites and not just ear wax. And you don't want to clean the crust out if it's mites. They need to be treated. Can use ivermectin pour on , 2 to 3 drops in each ear , and in between ears. Repeat day 10.
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    Possible ear mites?

    I would treat them all.
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    Possible ear mites?

    I've successfully used ivermectin pour on available at tractor supply or similar. Few drops in each ear. And then in between ears. Repeat after 10 days. Do not try to remove the crust etc. It will come out on its own.
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    Bambi stopped eating and in emergency care

    So so sorry for your loss. Rip sweet Bambi. Prayers that nugget recovers.
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    First time bunny owner. Any help appreciated.

    So so sweet. I agree. Remove the bedding in the cage and get her a dedicated litter box.
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    Bye sweet Pixie

    Oh my goodness I'm so sorry. I ran over one of our puppies. Absolutely an accident but very difficult. I'm very adamant now that I always check under/around my car before I get in it. Hugs.
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    Is small pet select worth it?

    We've ordered the sample box from small pet select. Here in US. Hay is hit or miss with us. One day he likes it then next day he doesn't like that type or brand. Sometimes we go months where he's satisfied. Lately he's been loving the...
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    Is small pet select worth it?

    We use the wood pellets as well. Started with a layer After trial and error he hates to stand on the pellets. He only pees on the ends and poops on one end. So the several months I've only been putting a thin layer on each end. Leaving the middle clear. Top with hay. Has been working very well.
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    Does anyone have/do something similar in memory of the lost ones?

    Those are absolutely beautiful
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    Reuben has passed

    I can only pray for 15 years with our sweet bun. What a blessing for both of you. Hugs for peace and solace while you grieve your loss.