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    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    Oh no. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did everything you could. Bunnies are very fragile. Binky free.
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    Help! Rabbit Chewing Cords !

    We have some of the sheathing. It works well. What we have is solid though and has to be slid on.
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    Baby bun breathing rapidly

    How's bunny this morning?
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    My heart hurts

    So sorry for your loss. Sounds like you gave Buggs had an amazing loved life.
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    Supplies for a very picky Flemish Giant

    He chews everything. But he has not chewed the cups. He just tosses them around.
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    Supplies for a very picky Flemish Giant

    Sounds like he's super playful. They love to flip bowls etc. We have a flemish. We don't use any type of hay feeder. We use to have a metal one that clipped on his cage and he'd pull it off. Now we just feed him hay directly in his litter box instead of over it. We use a glass Pyrex bowl for...
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    Are these treats safe?

    We use the oxbow multivitamins as well
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    Is the Sherwood Pet Rabbit Emergency Kit with Timothy Recovery Food good?

    Thewellkeptrabbit has great treats and an emergency kit
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    Flemmish Giant Inquiry. Any info helpful

    We have an amazing flemish/ silver fox mix. Hes 1.5 years now.
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    What is your bunny named and why?

    Toko after anime My hero Acadamia character Tokoyami
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    Hay Cubes

    We are a huge fan of hay cubes. Great for their teeth. We do buy the huge bags. Our rabbit loves them. We don't really limit them.
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    Lice treatment

    Not sure if they can where you are from but in the US its sold at farm supply stores over the counter.
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    Help! Rabbit Chewing Cords !

    We also use this and it works well. Available in different colors and is not as bulky as the plastic tubing https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075Q97CZN?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
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    Help! Rabbit Chewing Cords !

    Lol yours look funny. Yes the other ones are American
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    Cage for my rabbit

    Very popular choice is not using a rabbit cage. Get an xpen or a large dog kennel. Can be found in pet stores or amazon. We have a flemish and his home base is an xl large dog kennel.