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    Another reason not to like PETA :(
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    Need help please !

    Thanks guys...! They've shared their story with a Lhaso association so the organizer ofthat group is trying to get them some help. They are also looking intothe AAHA but its a process to get qualified...proving their disabilityand such, the paperwork takes forever :( I just hope everything can...
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    Need help please !

    I know I haven't been active in quite awhile,but a bad situation has come up where any help my Dad can get would befantastic. His favorite dog, Lady, has somehow someway severely injuredherself. Herr prognosis is not good. She is in need of a $2000 surgeryto repair her back ASAP or she will have...
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    Anybody here into Scrapbooking?

    #1 way to save money on scrapbooking and find some fun stuff to add in there. Rip out any magazine or newspaper pictures, ad, etc. and you will have created a whole library of different still items (like chairs, flowers banners), background wallpaper, different kinds of texts. I usually...
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    :highfive:couldnt have said it better!
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    For the few farmers who are truely organic inheart, they produce amazing crops of healthy natural veggies and fruit.The downside to this, most of those farmer are individuals who farm forthemselves. For the commercial organic farmer who outputs the products you buy inthe store, the ball game...
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    Rex fur for knitting?

    I know for sure any sort of angora hair can be spun and is. It's actually one of the most pricey yarns! I am sure it takes much time and dedication but if this lady can spinshort haired fur I dont see why anyone else couldnt as well!
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    Rex fur for knitting?

    Hiya! There's a lady that specializes in spinning rabbit fur (or any animalfur for that matter) into usable fiber to knit. Her email is [email protected] She spins cat and dog hair so I can;t see why she wouldnt be able to spin rex fur! Although keep in mind, sheering/shaving can be...
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    help..peapoo stinks!

    peapoo_bunny wrote: Yes, his stink has since dissapeared since being neutered (and thespraying thank goodness!) I think he was trying to be macho andcarrying around his "musk" smell. Now that he's neutered his sexualinterest is nil to none and doesn't display any macho behaviors orstinks...
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    help..peapoo stinks!

    Have you ever cleaned out Peepoo's scentglands?? If not they can get pretty stinky! I usually clean them once amonth .... If you can flip Peapoo over onto her back and look at hervent area. On either side of her vent you will see pockets. They buildup secretion and other junk and makes a...
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    You know what, it's your bunny's life atyour hands so you do what you want. I and countless othermembers have offered proper advice to try and make up for thewrong and misleading advice you have been given. It isfrustrating to know your bunny is so large it cannot even properlyclean its bottom...
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    Lassie wrote: Your hostile attitude is not going to land you anywhere , Miss. Dwarf lop is not an actual breed. SO much for your pet store ladyknowing her stuff. There are either holland lops, mini lops, frenchlops or english lops. and BTW any dwarf rabbit weighs 3lbs MAXIMUM whenit is within...
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    Jealous Buck!

    I have the same issue here. My rabbit, Freddy.HATES my b/f. He has bitten him, chewed off part of his thumb is hissleep and will pee and poop all over his bedroom. HOWEVER, since Freddy being neutered his sexual aggression andterritorialism his gone down almost totally. Now when we are...
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    Delia? Do you know what breed your rabbit is? Helooks like a holland lop to me. General average weight for a hollandlop is around 3 lbs. So guess what. You bundle of joy is 2 lbs OVERWEIGHT . Noone is being mean. If you cam on here and saw a picture of a rabbitwith yellow snots hanging out of...
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    Soft Stools (Daisy)

    How long have you had her on the greens? and isit just one kind? If she is three months introducing her to too many things at once or even just too much of one thing will cause her to have runny stools. Also was she eating alfalfa hay or timothy hay? If she is still growing, you want to make...