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    Is our little Lionhead overheated or is there something else wrong?

    We don't have A/C which is usually OK where we live. However, there is an occasional week, where we really could use A/C. We worry about our two Flemish sisters. So we bought two fans, about 12 or 14 inches in diameter. They love to lay directly in front of their respective fan. They don't seem...
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    How many days in a row can u use same buck

    Sorry, can't help. I don't have answers to these questions since I paid $600 to have my two Flemmish baby does neutered.
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    'Play date' for Bunnies, a thing or not?

    My 12+ years of bunny experience only encompasses one bunny, 11 1/2 years, and two bunnies for 7 months. Not an expert. From my experience, rabbits do not take to changes in their surroundings..or at least they are very cautious about a changes in surroundings. Taking your rabbits to a...
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    Increased appetite after spayed

    Let us know how things are working out. Had my two 6 months old bunnies spayed two weeks ago. They were subdued for a few days after, but seem to be ok now. About bunnies, a rule of thumb is that a little weight gain isn't that much of a concern, but a decrease in weight makes for attention.
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    URGENT HELP Baytril needed

    Hope you can get meds. I don't know about Greece, but you cannot ship prescription drugs internationally to some countries. My wife was in Thailand and wanted me to ship her refills for her diabetes, thyroid, chlorestrol, etc pills. Didn't seem like a big deal to me, but when I went to the...
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    Rabbits and singing

    Really interested to read this. Never would have thought. Unfortunately I don't have any talent at singing! I do talk with my bunnies with a friendly affectionate tone...I know they don't understand English, but I do hope it makes them comfortable.
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    Cling ons

    As I've posted before, one reason for a rabbit's dirty rear end is that if they become too fat they can't reach around to eat their cecum pellets or if they have spinal stenosis (authritis of the spine) it's painful to bend around eat and clean the cecum pellets when they come out. Spinal...
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    Rabbits wont exercise

    I suppose all rabbits are a little different. My two Flemish babies (6 months old) are house rabbits and probably spend about 99% of their time either eating or sleeping. However when the are active, they are very active. They like to run in the house, chase each other and their favorite...
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    Help, I think his toenail got ripped off?

    Yep. Happened with Bunny once. Not a problem. She didn't act distressed, but then once again bunnies are masters at hiding pain or fear.
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    Is this safe to use as litter?

    Maybe you've already done all the searching and looking for alternatives. Is there any way you can obtain hay for your rabbit! Timothy or Oat hay? If not, you can do without, but if you can, it's good for the rabbit. Y
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    Rabbit litter box grid cleaning?

    I have three litter boxes in my house for my free ranging house rabbits. I dump their soiled litter boxes oar hay and newspapers in the trash can. I then wash out the litter with water and let it dry. I don't see there's any need to fuss with vinegar. It's really amusing, that when I remove...
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    Introducing two new Bunnies to an existing paired bunnies

    Actually, bonding bunnies has some other dimensions. Take my two Flemish baby sisters (6 months old). One tends to be dominant and one tends to be submissive. So much of the time, the dominant rabbit is very loving to her subservient sister. They groom and lick each other. But, the dominant...
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    Where should my new rabbit live?

    My opinion, based on sharing my house with three rabbits, is that they should live in the house with you. They should not be religated to the back yard. I have no experience with co:habiting a house with rabbits and cats and dogs. I think that if the rabbit is about the same size as the dog...
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    Nail Trimming

    A little correction. My vet does not charge $20 to trim bunny nails. His office charges $10 to trim bunny nails for each bunny. I had two bunnies, so $20. When I had my girls neutered, I also had them have their nails trimmed, under anesthetic, and also had them microchiped. Microchipping...
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    Poopy butt and I don't want to hurt him, but he'll need daily baths and....Help?

    I agree, this will help. I really hope we can help out with your problem.