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  1. Flash Gordon

    My Magical Bunnies

    Thanks guys for being so sweet..but ive been spending way too much time on here and all the regulars arent very friendly or accepting of new guys can reach me anytime on my email i posted ..seriously id luv if u guys kept in touch with me:)
  2. Flash Gordon

    My Magical Bunnies

    i think i may be leaving RO soon.. maybe this isnt the place for me...if anybody wants to keep in touch with me my email address is [email protected] there are times that maybe people dont word things properly in their posts and need to be reminded of it but there are also times that maybe...
  3. Flash Gordon

    Glamour Shots has easter bunnies

    wasnt telling u to post something like the sign i made...just telling u what i did and what worked for me...and everybody got a kick out of it.
  4. Flash Gordon

    My new bunny

    oh i luv her giant male is darker gray ...shes a doll...look at those eyes...:)
  5. Flash Gordon

    Bluesmaven's Baby Bunny Blog

    sherill we needs pics in ur blog!! come on show off those babies!..:)
  6. Flash Gordon

    •°o.O The Tater Tots Family 2011 O.o°•

    whats shakin babygirl? great pics again my friend!..i really liked the duck pic for some reason it made me smile....petting zoos are no fun in our neck of the woods..they never look very happy and it breaks my heart to see sad i dont go to the zoo ,the circus,the petting zoo cuz of...
  7. Flash Gordon

    Glamour Shots has easter bunnies

    Korr_and_Sophie wrote: Kate i go to bunny events in town and ive made a sign specifically for the buns.. "DO NOT PICK UP BUNNIES ,Violators will be shot ,survivors will be shot again." it seemed to work cuz everybody elses bunnies were getting messed with but mine...i am very familiar with...
  8. Flash Gordon

    My new bunny

    gorgeous bun!! more pics please!
  9. Flash Gordon

    How to cure swollen foot.

    u really need to try and find out who did this..cuz they will do it again to another innocent animal.did they steal anything or harm any more animals??..i dont think his leg is broke i think they tied his legs together too tight and it cut off the circulation to one of em..if i ever find a...
  10. Flash Gordon

    Boz's Blog of Rabbits, Rodents, & Animal Nonsense

    great blog!! and ur buns are STINKIN CUTE!!..i stole some pics of ur set up cuz u have some great homemade ideas..awesome just awesome!
  11. Flash Gordon

    Frustrated with bonding progress

    keep in mind that u are moving at a great pace with their pushing them to the next step could set u back dramatically with them.if they have a really good fight they wont forget it,they hold grudges ..seriously dont push it ..u are so lucky to be as far along as u are now...there...
  12. Flash Gordon

    Poop question

    so his normal poops are mushy...absolutely no treats,,no veggies,just feed hay and his pellets...r u feeding him the same pellets as the person u got him from?..the Brambley hedge rabbit rescue in town here feed baby buns rolled oats when they get mushy poops.(not quick oats ) take him to...
  13. Flash Gordon

    chipotle the spiciest lonhead alive

    put down the banana and pick up the camera...come on:)...we need pics pics pics!
  14. Flash Gordon

    chipotle the spiciest lonhead alive

    please tell me u didnt feed him the WHOLE banana..i give a tiny slice of banana to an adult bun once a week as a treat..yes they love love love them..but not a whole one... he wont eat the pellets if ur giving him too much of something a whole banana...:) IF u DID feed a whole...
  15. Flash Gordon

    Willow Tree Branches & Leaves

    yes everything on a willow tree can be eaten fresh...doesnt need to be dried...i wish i had access to a willow tree ..they love that neighbor does have an apple tree,my buns love love love fresh apple twigs and i feed them a few leaves too..(willow and apple trees are the ones that u...