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    Are humans acceptable food for rabbits?

    SoI was sleeping last night, when I suddenly woke up to a firm pinch on my butt cheek. Apparently Dortmund had hopped onto my bed an in some sort oF hunger, had bitten my bum. he’s never bitten me before. i’m pretty sure I don’t taste good. And while I am probably to hairy in general, in no...
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    Rabbit needs to see me feed him

    He drinks a lot of water and he doesn't like pellets -- will only eat them every now and then, otherwise he uses them as bedding. I feed him hay and veggies every morning and every evening.
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    Rabbit needs to see me feed him

    I was just wondering if anybody else has this issue. Dortmund needs to physically see me feed him in order for him to believe I’ve given him food. The little guy likes to wake up around 4:30 in the morning and eat. His method of telling me he wants num nums is to do zoomies around my bed...
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    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    Or you could just Upgrade your account. I don't see ads when I come here from my desktop. I only see the ads when I come on my ipad or iphone and that's only because I haven't logged in.
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    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    Like I said before, President Trump is spending a lot of money on Advertising. It is almost impossible to avoid these days and I imagine it will get even worse as the days fade into November. If you want a balm though, look up Project Lincoln and their ads. Project Lincoln is a group of...
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    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    Sigh... The upcoming election is basically a moratorium on President Donald Trump’s first four years in office. The issues are COVID-19, Russia, the Economy, Bill Barr's DOJ, and Police Brutality.
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    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    As far as I know, no politicians have any rabbit based or directed policies. Beyond that... do we really want this forum descending into a flaming zone?
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    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    Welcome to America.
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    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    I suspect that the site uses Google ads, so the person running it doesn’t have much say over what ads are run. Trump has been doing a lot of campaign ads in all media so he is pretty Hard to avoid. my advice, just ignore it. Win or lose, it will only last until November.
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    Thanks. I was worried.
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    I just got an email from the grocery store saying that the cabbage I bought for Dortmund on Saturday is being recalled for Cyclospora. I’ve already fed him from this apparently tainted cabbage. How worried should I be. Does this virus even affect rabbits — i.e. some viruses are species...
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    My advice: Every time you want to pick her up put on an eagle or hawk costume. This will let her know that she has forest friends.
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    Questions about having a second rabbit

    I have a few questions about maybe getting a friend for Dortmund 1) Would I need a second Litter Box 2) Petting them -- Do they have individual times they like being petted or would it be a constant battle for my available hands? 3) Skittishness - Dortmund hides under the bed 98% of the time...
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    Substance at bottom of litter box

    He seems fine today. Checked his litter box this morning and everything was back to normal
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    Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus type 2 In Arizona, Texas, and California