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    bonded pair in Michigan

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    bonded pair in Michigan

    Still looking for a home for these two. I have a listing on craigslist with a re-homing fee which I placed on there to make sure I was getting the right interest, but will fore go it for the right home. http://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/for/4127785998.html
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    bonded pair in Michigan

    I'm in dire need of needing to rehome my two rabbits by the end of the month. I have a male and female (both fixed) who are tightly bonded so they must go together. They must be indoor rabbits and go to a home that will give them the proper daily care. If you have any questions, get a...
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    Rabbit Food for Adult?

    I love Sherwood Forest - you can only buy it online. good quality, good price.
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    Problems with Sherwood Forest?

    Thanks, Dave got back to me on Facebook. I'm going to call him today to get some food ordered!
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    Problems with Sherwood Forest?

    My rabbits love sherwood. I started using it because it's a higher quality and a better option for me than spending more on Oxbow. This isn't the first time I have used Sherwood, I have been ordering from them for about 6 months I believe. I did not pay for it. The error keeps coming up when...
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    Problems with Sherwood Forest?

    Thanks, I sent them emails and contacted them via facebook. If I don't hear by noon tomorrow, I'll try finding a number to contact.
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    X-pen liner

    What do you use for a liner for your x-pen dwellers? I have been using plastic sheeting underneath fleece blankets. This is because they will chew on carpet. I They love to chew holes in the plastic sheeting so that they have an "underground" tunnel. I have plenty of tunnels and places for...
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    help creating information packet

    I am going abroad for one month in June. My mom, who has been great with the rabbits, has graciously offered to take care of my two buns while I am gone. I have already instructed her as food and litter goes. I have left a packet of their previous vet papers and a contact number of someone to...
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    Problems with Sherwood Forest?

    Has anyone else had difficulty ordering from Sherwood Forest? The past week or so, my orders haven't been going through and my emails are bounced back to me as well!
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    Study Abroad in Ghana

    Hi all, I am looking to study abroad this summer in Ghana. This is where slavery began. Along the coast there are many slave castles. Each one owned by a different countries. Thousands of slaves were held in these castles at a time before they were shipped. As a future educator, I believe...
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    Does anyone Juice?

    I think you get a lot more out of a juice fast than the lemon one. The lemon one is supposed to "cleanse" your system but it really doesn't do much and wrecks you with sugar and acids. With the juicing, you still need nutrition
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    Rabbit portrait?

    oops, she doesn't do paint, nevermind
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    Rabbit portrait?

    where are you from? I have a friend who is a wonderful artist, i can ask what she would charge and what to ship? She's always been reasonable
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    How often do you empty the litter box?

    I actually only completely clean mine out once a week. I have a very large litter box (it's actually a small wash tub) and I spot clean it every day - removing anything wet and replacing it with some dry pellets and then mix it in. I found that if I do it more than that, or if it is TOO CLEAN...