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  1. Erica Pewtress

    Taking a bun home from the breeder

    Hi Bun Fam! The day is arriving for my husband and I to go pick up our light grey Flemish Giant Buck! We want to know when getting him if there’s anything else we should bring besides a carrier to put him in for the drive that will make him more comfortable/happier. It’s an hour drive from the...
  2. Geoff- Light Grey Flemish Giant

    Geoff- Light Grey Flemish Giant

    This is Geoff at 18 days old.
  3. Erica Pewtress

    Flemish Giant Q & A

    Hey Alyssa, thanks! I’ve had lops as a girl and have wanted a FG for about 6 years and couldn’t find a breeder/info in my area. After meeting my spouse he knew I wanted one and we both agreed it would be a good apartment pet/first animal together and were not small dog people so the FG being big...
  4. Erica Pewtress

    Flemish Giant Q & A

    I am going to be the new fur mom to a light grey Flemish Giant makes Geoff come this February. My husband and I are very active people and despite our apartment living situation we will have Geoff hey plenty of outside time and exercise. With that being said, when we travel to my parent’s house...