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    Scared to spay

    thanks to both of you above for the good thoughts. The vet was recommended on House Rabbits vet national recommendations and has done a tons of spays. It was just bad bad bad luck I think.
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    Scared to spay

    I used an experienced vet clinic recommended by national rabbit forums. My darling little lop died the day after surgery. It was not the vets fault and he offered to do a free necropsy but I declined. He said most spays are successful but some aren't. I would not spay again. I am traumatized.
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    Litter brands

    I do the same! It really is a good set up.
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    Bunny not eating cecotropes

    Hi Adeline, i have 13 week old lops with the same issue. Did yours get better eventually? I'd love to hear how it went.
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    Misshapen and small rabbit poops?

    Thanks. That was a great thread and was reassuring.
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    Misshapen and small rabbit poops?

    I have 13 week old Holland Lops. They frequently don't eat their cecotropes. Is this normal? They have abundant hay and high quality pellets. Their normal poos look good, it's just that they have many uneaten ceco thingys all over the place. Will they get better at eating them as they get older?