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    Rabbit with extremely bad infection- advice (RIP)

    So so sorry for your loss
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    Please pray for Lawrence

    I am so so sorry to hear of Lawrence's passing. He had the best life he could have with such a caring daddy
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    odyssey~'s bun blog!

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    Here´s Bianca 🐇❤

    She's gorgeous . I'm sure you'll have lots of happy times together. I bet you can't wait to bring her home
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    Is it a speck of blood in the wee?

    We had to put this jacket on Maisie as she wouldn't stop chewing the op site. Think we kept it on for about 10 days, and it healed nicely
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    So sorry for your loss. You did the best you could for him and he was obviously a much loved and lucky bun to have had you as his bunmum. Binky free little one
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    My bunny got in a fight (RIP)

    So sorry. Binky free little one ❤
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    Meet Licorice!

    She's absolutely gorgeous
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    Can you kiss your rabbit?

    She looks like a garden ornament ❤
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    Rabbit loose poo

    Hi. Pets at Home do a range of wipes suitable for rabbits. Hope he gets better soon
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    Goodbye my Banunu

    So sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself - he was obviously a much loved bunbun. ❤
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    She's a good girl - except when she's ripping wallpaper off the wall or destroying books that I haven't finished 😇
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    RIP my dear Pudding

    So so sorry for your loss x
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    Best Hay?

    They also do a free taster pack, but you have to pay for postage - £3.99