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    Rabbit had kits. Help!

    Pancake (the dad) is doing good. You can tell her is very sad from the passing but he's still acting like his normal self
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    Update...but a sad one

    Hi everyone Eclipse sadly passed a few days ago. The kits are still all alive and all very healthy. If anyone had tips and tricks on how to feed the kits and how to care for them please let me know.
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    Rabbit had kits. Help!

    @Preitler @Freedom Update. almost on day 6 the babies are still growing and is very strong
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    Goodbye Eclipse...

    Eclipse (Umbreon) Poitra sadly passed away on 4/12/21 and left her 6 baby kits behind. She had really bad diarrhea on Saturday morning when I went to go check on her. I hand fed her hay and her poo was a bit better. We had people over that night for my birthday party. At the end of the night I...
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    Rabbit had kits. Help!

    Yesterday morning she had diarrhea all on her butt and fur, i cleaned her butt off and hand feed her (not force that was the wrong wording) and she ate it fine and slowly formed thick poops. I'm not too sure why that happened so i called the vet to get a appointment asap. the soonest they had...
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    Rabbit had kits. Help!

    Yesterday Eclipse had diarrhea, with force feeding her hay and pellets its cleared up abit (not fully back to normal, not big and round like they used to be). Last night I was hanging out with her and she attacked me. This wasn't like her so I check her dig box and I see SIX BABY KITS THAT...
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    This morning I woke up and went to pick up Eclipse. For the last few days she haven't been her normal full of live self. I've been thinking she's probably pregnant because she has been making nests. And well I checked her bottom because I smelled something really bad. Her whole bottom and tail...
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    New bunny! Bonding tips please?

    So on Monday I'm getting a new male rabbit! He is about a year older then Eclipse (She 9 months old and I was told he is about a year and 8 months old), He is Netherland Dwarf rabbit and Eclipse is Lionhead. Sadly the current owner for the Netherland can't care from him anymore and I've been...
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    So today some family members came over to my home, unfortunately they didn't tell me they were going to bring their dog. I wasn't in the room at the time that they came in so I didn't fully see the accident but as soon as the dog saw my bunny, the dog starting to chase my bunny (my bunny is free...
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    Bunny Misbehaving? (ripping up carpet, chewing through cords, etc.)

    Hi everyone, So about a month ago, Eclipse and I with my boyfriend moved into our own apartment. We lived at my parents house for a while and she was always caged up 24/7, so I promised myself once we moved in I will let her free roam all day (because I felt so bad she didn't have enough room...
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    Bunny not eatting! PLEASE HELP

    So I usually get home from work and feed my bunny (I feed her kale, romaine, parsley, pellets and a very all amount of dried pineapple and papaya). As soon as I put the food down she starts to eat, but today she isn't even look or sniff it. It's been over an hour and nothing. I even tried to...
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    How do you clean your bunnies ears?

    thank you, I got a little nervous that I wasn't caring for my bunnies ears for a second lol
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    How do you clean your bunnies ears?

    I never knew that we had to clean our bunnies ears, what cleaning solution should I get?
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    Tips On How To Move A Bunny To A New Home?

    Hi all! So I'm moving soon to a new apartment. What steps should I take to make sure my bunny gets used to this new area? I don't want to freak her out and stress her out too much.