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    What breed of rabbit do you have and why?

    I have Holland Lops. Why? Because! Who can resist a face like this??! And because that's the way they came when I took them in ;) I started out with a Dutch. Very attractive rabbit, and VERY friendly! My dream rabbit is a Black & Tan, the first time I layed eyes on one I fell in love.
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    The Boys

    Aww, thanks guys! :colors:
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    Funniest thing your bunny has done :P

    I love it when Castor is standing still onemoment, then the next is about 2 ft in the air doing a binky, straightup in the air. It's so funny! ;)
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    The Boys

    I know, I know. I haven't been on in at least amonth, and I was pretty new to begin with. So many of you probablydon't know me, but that's okay :D So hi! I got a new camera for Easter and so IFINALLY got some pictures of my two male holland lops! Their names areCastor and Pullox. Enjoy! This...
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    Who's Your "Heart Bunny"?

    Cookie is..:cry3 This is the bunny who would NOT let me leave her cage. I'd go to close the door, she'd be there lifting it back up, nudging me. I'd put my hand in the cage, she'd put her head under it. She'd leap on me if I wasn't paying her any attention. On cold days she'd snuggle up in the...
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    heck this site out

    You really can eat (without killing), sleep, dream, breathe, and play (with) rabbits!:apollo:
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    Cages Only 1 (now closed)

    Very cool!:bunnyheart
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    heck this site out

    Ooooh! I love the mac and cheese! :colors: I saw the rabbit at Meijer and I decided I'd try it and it sounded healthy. Good stuff.
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    Lops Breeds

    Well, I just found out my boys are most definatly Hollands!:shock: You learn something new every day.. I thought they were mini lops, but I guess not. I keep seeing pictures of Holland Lop torts and they are exactly what the boys look like.
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    Disapproving Rabbits

    RIP- Cookie Hey! Put me down before I do it myself!!
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    I'm very sorry about your loss. You're in my prayers, we all know that Gracie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. :purplepansy:
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    fence or wooden run for an outdoor pen?

    Ahh! Hummer, that is so cute! I'm going to show it to my dad ;) Tell your husband he did a really neat job on it!
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    commands your rabbits can understand (but doesn't necessarily follow)

    They both understand 'Hey' but don't nessecarily listen. They'll look at me like, 'aww. C'mon mom!' They always know the different types of 'bunny.' There's the type I say as a slow warning 'bunnnnnnny,' and 'bunny!' as a hint that I'm happy. They know a tongue cluck means they're in the way ;)
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    The Rabbit Addiction

    I love it! Great Job!:great::blueribbon: