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    New brothers are fighting!!

    Go figure..men :)
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    Bunny Ebola, how to prevent?

    I know :( I'm thinking precautions to avoid spreading it to my bun. What are common forms of transmission to rabbits that are 100% indoors, if they are known.
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    I forgot to put water in his pen overnight...

    Aw it was a mistake and they happen...consider putting two sources of water into his area (that's what I do) in case he knocks his bowl over (he's a klutz) or something like that happens. We put a hanging watering bottle for him but it's just the backup and he doesn't use it but knows how.
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    Bunny Ebola, how to prevent?

    Hey guys, I have a lionhead/Dutch Dwarf mix and he is an old boy (10) and I'm worried about this new virus that is sweeping the Southern US. It is only a matter of time that it reaches everyone. We need to know what to do to prevent it from infecting our little fur babies. Does anyone have any...