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    How important are pellets?

    Many people feed pellet-free diets and our rabbit vets recommend to just use pellets as treats and never give more than 1 tbsp a day. If you do that you should make sure you give a variety of greens and forage though. Herbs are good, they can can have all of them apart from chives. Wild plants...
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    2 bunnies litter training

    Bunnies don't cry so it's not tears. There are many possible causes including dental problems. Take her a to rabbit vet. Meanwhile use cooled boiled water and cotton wool to clean it and then dry it.
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    2 bunnies litter training

    Yes, the group has a list of rabbit vets.
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    2 bunnies litter training

    Join this FB group, they can advise you on local vets, etc. Facebook Groups Vets are open in the Philippines.
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    Chipped tooth?!

    Have you taken him to the vet? Teeth don't look right to me. Hope he's OK.
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    Need help, my bunny has a bald spot on his back

    What brush did you use? If you use something like a furminator you need to be really careful. I try to brush every day so bunny gets used to it but I also let bunny run away whenever they want, that way you know when you are pulling too much.
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    Preparing for first winter with bunny

    You need 16g or (even better) 12g welded mesh. Have a look at this: Outdoor Housing
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    IKEA hol as a litter box

    Panels are MDF (fiberboard), not safe to chew unfortunately.
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    Nail trimming!!

    Watch this:
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    Preparing for first winter with bunny

    There is a great Facebook Group for these types of questions on housing: Facebook Groups
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    Nursing bunny needs penicillin

    Ask for a blood test for EC too if possible.
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    Help with litter training

    It should be non-slip. Try textured lino or stable matting.
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    Preventing GI stasis

    If you mean live lobe torsion, there is nothing you can do to prevent that. But the healthiest greens are herbs (they can have all of them apart from chives) and forage, better than 'human veg'.
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    How do I know when he's done choking?

    They can choke on anything but oats are not good for rabbits.
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    Going vertical

    I hate to be a party pooper but please be careful. Bunnies as prey animals have very light and fragile skeletons, very different from cats. Make sure any surface they jump on is big and non-slip and that the floor where they land is non-slip and soft.