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    Can an 8 week old and a 9 week old bond?

    What a shame they didn't adopt... They'll have to wait until at least 16 weeks for spaying and then 8 weeks after spaying before attempting to bond.
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    help! rabbit fell from the terrace

    How awful! Please join this group and ask for advice on a better rabbit vet: Facebook Groups
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    Can an 8 week old and a 9 week old bond?

    Could you not get them to wait until their current bunny is neutered and then s/he could choose a mate at a rescue centre? That would make a lot more sense.
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    To Neuter or To Not Neuter??

    You're doing great if he lets you brush his back and sides. Don't try to brush the feet. They need all the padding there, helps to prevent sore hocks.
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    What should I put on the bottom of my bunnies playpen if he’s not litter trained?

    Stable matting or textured non-slip lino are good when they are not litter trained yet. Make sure the edges are outside the pen to prevent chewing.
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    Hiding spots to comfort bunny who startles easily

    Bunny proofing a room so she never has to be in the cage (which doesn't offer any shelter) would help. Make sure the floor everywhere has traction. Set up lots of hiding places with at least two exits. If you can, adopting a friend for her would help too.
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    Rabbit Cage

    Rabbits do not belong in cages. Great advice on housing here: Indoor Housing
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    To Neuter or To Not Neuter??

    Poop looks very good, don't worry.
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    Long one, could she be pregnant?

    It's possible she's pregnant. In any case you should keep them separated now until 8 weeks after the last one is neutered.
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    Bun eating less but is active

    He's adorable. Don't give him too many pellets. Around 1 tbsp a day is plenty. They need to eat hay for several hours a day.
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    Are these treats safe?

    I do this too. Willow tree right outside my door in the park. Every day I give a small branch, in summer with leaves, in winter without. I don't bother drying. Always gratefully received :)
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    Back arching

    He looks OK in those pics. It's when they keep getting up and flopping or when they are pressing their bellies down or when they have a urinating stance but are not urinating you need to worry. This can help identify whether they are in pain: Rabbit grimace scale | NC3Rs
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    Back arching

    A video would help.
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    Are these treats safe?

    I avoid all pet shop treats. Pellets and herbs are treats here. But the Loops look relatively OK.
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    Best pellets for sensitive tummies

    One thing I like about them is that they don't change the formula unlike other brands. I switched to these because my bunny had very serious digestive issues and they are now the only pellets I use BUT I use them as treats, not more than 1 tbsp a day. I agree though that going pellet free may...