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    Firework anxiety

    Fireworks are illegal here, but we have to deal with them anyway. My bunny doesn't react a whole lot to them anymore, but I try to pretend like nothing is going on when I hear them and keep the tv turned up loud. However, July Fourth weekend is pretty awful (they go off all night long for days...
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    Death from old age at 11.5?

    I lost my previous heart bunny when she was twelve--a lionhead mix. She was a chubby girl and stayed that way until the last couple months. She was arthritic but got around well still and ate very good too. She really looked young for her age. However, she wasn't spayed when I adopted her at...
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    Eating Dry poops and Cecotropes

    I've had two female turd eaters in a row--first one lived to be twelve. She was really into any poop, even caught her trying to eat a bird turd on our back deck on time and had to stop her. My current bunny likes to drop turds and chase them around her pen and eat them.
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    Does your rabbit freak out over needles?

    Thanks for the replies so far. She is slightly tolerant of iv fluids, but the stinging from an injection flips her freak out switch for sure. She hid under my arms while I held her down when the tech tried to give her the rest of it.
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    Does your rabbit freak out over needles?

    I had to take my five-year-old dwarf to the vet because she would not eat, drink, or go bathroom. She is very sweet, but very high strung over some things and I could not syringe feed her critical care. I did get some paste into her, but that was it. No liquids. My go to rabbit vet retired...
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    Show me your older bunnies!

    Precious (dwarf) is five years old--but you'd never know it. She is lively and full of energy. My previous bunny (lionhead mix) lived to be twelve years old. She aged really well and never thinned out until maybe the last few months before she passed. She did have arthritis but still got...
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    Feeling guilty after the death of my 11,5 year old rabbit friend

    Really sorry for your loss. You did all you could though. Watching them die is pretty traumatic, I agree. My Lily passed away at the age of twelve; she lived a very happy life. However, she wasn't spayed and died from uterine cancer. Thankfully, it took her fast. However, I was up with her...
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    Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2

    My rabbit's vet is closed down and now I need to find another one--not easy where I live because it's very overpopulated and most vets are not accepting new patients if they even specialize in exotics (very few do). Not even sure if they are administering the vaccine yet here in southern...
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    Would it be detrimental if one of the bunnies is rehomed?

    My five year old girl (avatar pic) is a dwarf, and as others stated--they tend to be destructive. She was a rescue from a bunny hoarding case when she was a few months old. She was less than a year and spayed when I adopted her, but the rabbit rescue told me she was the most destructive bunny...
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    Poor hay quality

    My bunny and guinea pig love Small Pet Select second cut timothy and it's always been green and pleasant smelling, but my last shipment looked like yellow beach grass. They are not interested in it. I have ordered another shipment, but I bought some Oxbow in the meantime.
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    Rabbit personalities survey

    Answered for Precious....
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    Is it a good idea to try and attract wild rabbits?

    My yard is loaded with cottontails. One has babies every year under our shed. My neighbors next to me feed them so they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I love watching them! My bunny is indoors only though.
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    Help please worms???

    So sorry to hear this. I lost a bunny to fly strike many years ago. My heart goes out to you.....
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    My Dimi has passed, and I am not coping well

    So sorry to read all this, especially knowing you witnessed her pass away. But you really did all you could. As others have stated, we get really attached to our bunnies--just something about them. I have become more attached to my bunnies than any other pets I've had and I am almost 47 and...
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    Is small pet select worth it?

    I switched from Oxbow Western Timothy to Small Pet Select Timothy Second Cut and my bunny loves it! She goes nuts! Her eyes get really big and she gorges herself on it. She really likes the meadow loops treats too.