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    Is it a good idea to try and attract wild rabbits?

    My yard is loaded with cottontails. One has babies every year under our shed. My neighbors next to me feed them so they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I love watching them! My bunny is indoors only though.
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    Help please worms???

    So sorry to hear this. I lost a bunny to fly strike many years ago. My heart goes out to you.....
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    My Dimi has passed, and I am not coping well

    So sorry to read all this, especially knowing you witnessed her pass away. But you really did all you could. As others have stated, we get really attached to our bunnies--just something about them. I have become more attached to my bunnies than any other pets I've had and I am almost 47 and...
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    Is small pet select worth it?

    I switched from Oxbow Western Timothy to Small Pet Select Timothy Second Cut and my bunny loves it! She goes nuts! Her eyes get really big and she gorges herself on it. She really likes the meadow loops treats too.
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    Does anyone have/do something similar in memory of the lost ones?

    My Lily has a gravestone in my backyard with her picture on it. I also place a bouquet of lilies there every year on the anniversary of her death. I talk to her often as well.
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    We had a fright this morning!!!

    My Precious does this once in awhile and it sends my blood pressure skyrocketing. She will lie there, not moving at all....sometimes the eyes are open, sometimes closed. Thing is, that is exactly what they look like when they're dead so it really upsets me. She also dreams sometimes, moving...
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    I'm so happy to have my bunnies

    I've had dogs and cats throughout my 46 years along with hamsters, mice, snakes, etc., but let me say that rabbits have been the biggest thieves of my heart. That being said, a rabbit broke my heart when she died in 2017. I mourned her more than ANY pet I've ever had and I have had many. She...
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    Bunny won't stop thumping?

    My Precious starts thumping in the morning if she thinks I'm sleeping in too late. She wants to be let out of her sleeping cage, lol.
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    Easter Bunny Contest - PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES

    Precious says Happy Easter!
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    Because Real Men Love Rabbits...

    My husband with Lily in her "sleeping cage" which is where she went when it was bedtime. He was saying goodnight to her and she kissed him. She passed in 2017 at the age of twelve. I have a pic somewhere of him with Precious, my current bunny. My husband is a correctional sergeant at a...
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    Dating when you have rabbits

    I'm an old, married lady (ha!) who has been married almost nineteen years and we have had rabbits (and now also guinea pigs) for seventeen out of those almost nineteen years. My husband is a correctional sergeant at a supermax prison which is typically viewed as a manly man's job, but he...
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    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    Precious (my avatar) was adopted in 2017 from a rabbit rescue. I was very depressed after my previous bunny died and she helped heal my heart. She was less than a year old and had been seized from a pretty bad rabbit hoarding case in PG County, MD. She was not in bad shape when seized due to...
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    New ones I just took this morning:
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    Precious last year....