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    Bunny licking

    I got my 10 week old Netherland Dwarf rabbit 3 days ago and she's been eating, drinking, and using the restroom perfectly. But today I had her on my bed with me while I watched TV and she got to roam around, and she suddenly just started licking me. She licked my entire hand and would not let me...
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    Rabbit not peeing.

    Update: she peed several sprays in a corner of her cage last night and she's been peeing regularly ever since! I'm more then relieved that she's healthy!
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    Rabbit not peeing.

    thank you so much this is great help! I will be sure to watch her these next two days, hopefully she pees. Thank you so much!
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    Rabbit not peeing.

    I got my 10 week old rabbit yesterday at around 2pm and she is eating her hay and pellets really well. She is also drinking really well but she hasn't peed at all since I got her, and it's been around 27 hours since I got her. Should I be concerned yet?