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  1. daisyrabbit

    Bunny chat

    hi lucas, are you an indoor?outdoor bun? or free roam?, i have a garden and 2 cats to play with, though tonight i have been a naughty boy and refused to go to my bed! and came in to house to sleep with mum and dad, right at this second im hunkered down behind dads couch, with my food...
  2. daisyrabbit

    Bunny chat

    dear catlyn, apologies as my hooman been away from home and mum not p.c compatible!, your right , i have big luggies, but i never put 2 up at once! dad thinks it cos they a bit heavy, but hes not sure, we both still learning about each other as i have only been here 6 months and a lot...
  3. daisyrabbit

    Bunny chat

    hi, im new.... my name is Hamish and im a lop of the Heinz family.... and my hooman man rescued me from a tiny little cage i couldnt move in, now i have a garden and pussy cts to chase and yummy treaties, and a house plac e they sleep in...? but i like my house and run and to sleep...
  4. daisyrabbit

    Lani the Lionhead needs new home (Hampton Roads, VA)

    hope you got a lovely home for him
  5. daisyrabbit

    Can I eat that strange box hoomans call " computers"?

    its free central heating when sat upon!
  6. my big feeties

    my big feeties

    i luv lying at dads feet also
  7. my old bed

    my old bed

    this is cat bed before i ate it!
  8. sleepy time

    sleepy time

    daisy and colin again! though she tryin best to evict him!!
  9. me n colin

    me n colin

    i have 2 bros, colin and daffy, both large male toms, colins my sleep buddy x
  10. sleepy daisy

    sleepy daisy

    silly dads put 2 the same up!...
  11. bed on top of couch!

    bed on top of couch!

    this is the kittys old bed, which i loved so much i ripped it too bits and ate it!
  12. legs ooot!!

    legs ooot!!

    i do have a bed but luv the floor to stretch my leggies!
  13. daisy and colin catt

    daisy and colin catt

    daisy and colin having a wee sleep, she jumps when dreaming!