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    My Bella just died this morning

    Am very sorry for your loss.
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    Trying to bond two female bunnies

    Thank you both for your replies. Will keep trying, now that the weather is nicer they are getting 5-6 hours side by side in outdoor wire cages. Am trying to give them more close contact inside as well.
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    Pain medicine

    Am so glad Min-Min is doing well!
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    Trying to bond two female bunnies

    Abby lives in the bottom and Dutchess lives in the top layer of a large two story indoor hutch. There is a stairway which i can close or leave open. They also spend about five hours per day outside in sde by side large wire cages. I let them run loose in the house for a half hour each day. They...
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    Trying to bond two female bunnies

    Am still trying to bond Dutchess and Abby. They dont fight or chase each other,but Abby pushes Dutchess’ side with her nose so Dutchess hides in a litterbox in the cage until Abby leaves. Have let them play together outside the cage repeatedly with supervision and inside their two story cage...
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    Pain medicine

    Great news! He is such a cutie.
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    Pain medicine

    Would bring MinMin home until the CT scan. You can keep a better eye on MinMin and he will likely be more comfortable at home. Am wishing the best for him and am sorry you are having such a hard time. Will Min Min eat wheat grass or any other preferred food if hand fed?
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    Abby tearing out her hair

    Abby was spayed in April. No changes in diet or hay. No signs of dandruff, flea dirt, or skin irritation. Was treated with Bravecto (good for 3 months) a month ago. No changes in her environment or daily routine. Her hair looks barbered, not plucked. It has been hotter outside so iput her and...
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    Abby tearing out her hair

    Our long haired lion head has been self trimming the hair on her back, i looked at her teeth...she seems to be eating ok. Is it normal?
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    Rabbit isn’t eating!

    How is she doing?
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    Rabbit potentially in pain?

    Signs of pain can include grinding the teeth, digging with the feet, and biting (that is what our female Abby did until i got her adequate pain meds after her spay). Hope your lively bunny is feeling all better soon!
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    Dutchess went onto her back-?

    Today, while outside, Dutchess flopped onto her back with her feet in the air for half a minute. She then righted herself. Should i be concerned?
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    Trying to bond two female bunnies

    Have been trying to bond Dutchess with Abigail. Started with scent swapping. Have let them see each other from separate cages daily outside 3 hrs per day. Abby sneaked into Dutchess’ upper storyof our two story cage so had to seal off the staircase.Abby was spayed on March 21 but still chases...
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    Mites or fleas?

    Our vet had us try Bravecto for cats (smaller dose) with our two bunnies. No fleas for three months and no apparent bad effects.
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    Advice for getting my grieving older boy bun a friend - teeth problems

    Is he getting any reallyfavorite foods? Whenever Dutchess hastooth surgery, ittakes a week of critical care feedings plus metacam and gut stimulant. Plus i give her all her favorite foods by hand in my lap until she is eating again: grass, wheat grass, dandelion greens, carrot tops, kale.i...