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    How do I know if my rabbit enjoys being pet?

    I understand your frustration. You’re spending so much time, resources, energy to show them love and attention. You give them a comfortable life and you want to interact with them, but they are not living up to your expectations. I totally feel you. I get annoyed with that sometimes too. Maybe...
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    Put your funniest bunny pictures down below!

    my curious bun
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    Is a stuffed animal companion a good idea?

    I got a gf plushie for my bun and I was thinking of taking it to my neighbor’s and rubbing the plushie on her girl bunny to get some scent on it…to make the experience more real for my boy bun. Is that a good idea or a really really bad one? Hehe
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    Make your own Rabbit memes

    Don’t worry, he landed safely! 😅
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    Lint roller hack?

    I’ve seen a few tiktok videos claiming that a lint roller can be used to remove shedding hair from buns. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m wondering if any of you have. Do you recommend it? Could it pose any harm? Can it replace brushing? Does your bun like it?
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    Hair buster

    Yes, I think the hair sticks to the rubber. Similar to how when you tie your hair up with a regular rubber band, and it’s a nightmare to get out because hair just sticks to it and gets tangled.
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    We're new here! Hello!

    Welcome! Happy bun you got there!
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    Hair buster

    I love the hair buster. I use it on my bunny every day. It is expensive though, and the price keeps going up. Just four months ago it was $18–now is $23! Inflation… If you don’t want to spend the money, try weaving a thick rubber band into the teeth of your current comb to mimic the hair buster...
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    Rabbit Missing Eye (RIP)

    You might also need to put a cone on her for a month so she doesn’t scratch that eye and make it worse. That’s what the vet had me do with my bunny after he had his eye removed due to infection, but then the suture site got infected again. We had to administrate antibiotics and keep him in a...
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    New Bunnies

    I love their names! They were my favorite characters on Sesame Street when I was growing up. Good choice.
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    Dutchess went onto her back-?

    The other day I watched my bun arranged his bedding in his hidey till it was just right before flopping on his back for a sweet nap. It was soooo cute. He looked like a little person! Haha. Bunnies are so funny!
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    Rabbit Carriers

    Just wondering, why not mesh?
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    One-eyed rescue bunny…big breed or obese?

    Yep! He jumped over his fence today 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    One-eyed rescue bunny…big breed or obese?

    Thank you so much for the helpful advice. I’m new to posting on this forum but I’ve been reading threads for a while. This is an awesome community of bun lovers! @JBun Now that you mentioned it…I have noticed that Ollie doesn’t eat much Timothy hay or alfalfa pellets. He’ll gobble up treats at...