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    Bun breathing really fast

    I know they breath fast but i think he is sick...i gave him banana's he isnt even touching that and he loves banana's!! Not eating today daughter gave him a phone book to chew on could that be the problem?? his sides are kinda caved in but he is a fat boy so i have no clue...any...
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    Yes I have freecycle here and LOVE it!! I get so much stuff and also get rid of alot of stuff im not gonna garage sale!!
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    Lots of snow here!

    ty all i did dig up some snow tryingto help i have not seen him so hopefully he is somewhere warmer!!!:) :bath:
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    Lots of snow here!

    I have a ? I have a wild baby rabbit that livesin a small bush in my front yard. The problem is we had about 9 inchesof snow....he maybe burried...should i try to dig him out? Before itsnowed i threw leaves down on top of the bush i hate for him to becrushed in there.....the snow is heavy. Any...
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    No pooping??

    ty i'll give more dandelion and watch him
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    No pooping??

    He slept most of the day i had him out this am he was running he to youg to give pineapple??? He is 5-6 mo old........he is a lop so his hair is kinda long...dont know if he is just plugged up!
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    No pooping??

    I changed my lil guys cage this am..........he hasnt pooped yet i am giving him dandelion greens in small amounts and giving his pellets and hay as normal....what could be the problem??? Oh he is drinking water
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    Its Youtube i believe I did register i dont know why thats happening :( anyone else know of a good site to upload videos too???!!..... Yeah it was hard to get him sometimes id sit there and he wouldnt move then all of a sudden he'd binkie so i had to put the video on real quick lol
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    Binkies is a video of thumpers binkies.....does anyone know how to get that wording off of the video???
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    Mini Rex

    I have a mini rex and he isnt fixed but i will get him fixed in time. He is 3yrs old and WONDERFUL!! Every a.m. I open his cage door and he sticks his head out and i pet him....then when i leave the door open to run around he kinda grunts but is very gentle If i walk into the room where he stays...
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    Help with litter box

    Nice cage! But whats on the bottom? Carpet??? What else could you use on the bottom, id be afraid of carpet if they where to pee on it or chew it
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    litter boxes?

    I use yesterdays new for litter. Seems to hold the smell down i havent found any litter that stays in the box maybe unless you use a cats box I am using one and i still find when the bun jumps out of his box it does go all over
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    runny nose

    i checked his nose its dry...i think it was from the water bottle
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    runny nose

    I have a ? my bun has a wet nose not sure if its from his water but he isnt sneezing and it is warm here but he is kept inside.....should i be concerned??
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    Litter training a baby bunny...

    I got my bun at about 6 wks and he was trained i just placed a cats litter box in a corner he "used" alot then for a while would scoop his poops up and place them in the litter box then place him in the box if i caught him with his tail up id quickly move him into his box then praise