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    Need advice on switching food

    I would change her to timothy hay and give the alfalfa hay as a treat until it is gone.
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    Rabbit not pooping

    What are you feeding your rabbit? If it is soft poop he may be eating it.
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    What is the best place to buy hay?

    I don't know about hay but I have grown grass in pots and my bunnies love it. I got the seeds on Amazon. I am not sure what kind of grass it is. I buy Standlee hay from amazon. I get their 25lb box which lasts about 4 to 5 months for 2 bunnies. The hay is fresh and green. The stalks are long...
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    What is the best place to buy hay?

    I buy my hay from amazon. Standley is the name. I buy a 25-pound box for my 2 bunnies. It lasts me about 3-4 months. It stays fresh for that amount of time. The hay is clean and green with long stocks. It is about 42 dollars for 25lbs. I am not sure if they sell smaller amounts but it would...
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    Bunny only wants to eat cardboard

    Cardboard is fine for bunnies to eat. I would give him small pieces of cardboard. and other toys that he can chew on. You may want to get the rubber wire protectors. Cardboard and paper is a natural thing for bunnies to eat. Just reduce the amount of cardboard that you give him. If you don't...
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    Can someone help me

    Some bunnies are more used to drinking from a bowl instead of a bottle, but they do adjust. I have used both for my bunnies. As everyone says hay is supposed to be the main source of the bunnies diet. They should only get about 1/4th cup of pellets a day. I would hold off on the carrots for a...
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    Chew toy ideas please!

    If you have pine trees near you those are a great treat for rabbits. My rabbit loves them. You have to clean them and I think that you back them for a small amount of time. I think that you can find information on preparing them before you give them to your rabbit. If you do not want to do that...
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    Vet has never seen what my rabbit has

    You can search and see if there are any exotic animal vets in your area. They would have more knowledge about rabbits.
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    Need advice on rabbit care please 💖

    What color is he? I would get him some Timothy hay, a litter box, pellets, and some curly leaf or romaine lettuce.
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    Get to know each other game!

    True. I love most music. The person below me likes drinking coffee