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  1. CorkysMom

    Split Penis Genetics

    I would talk to the original breeder, I would think they'd replace the buck. Especially if he was that spendy! Don't know on the genetics piece, but I will be watching this to see what others think.
  2. CorkysMom

    I found out what's wrong with me!

    Sounds like a very positive makes a huge difference when they don't look at you like you are nuts! Can't wait to see if this helps you!
  3. CorkysMom

    I found out what's wrong with me!

    Good luck...I hope you get some good news (answers)! :)
  4. CorkysMom

    Help 3 Week Old Babies

    I think more at night, hence them being called 'nite poops' by some. But I see them randomly in different cages, I find my does on litters produce more of them...just keep an eye on those pans and I'm sure you'll come across the 'find'. Gotta get up early to show heading...
  5. CorkysMom

    Help 3 Week Old Babies

    as long as its not moldy it s/b ok,..may not be super fresh, but as long as its not moldy it s/n't make them sick or anything. The fresh ones mash better in my experience..but either would probably work if you are mashing it inside something else...g/l w/ that....hope you don't gag easily...
  6. CorkysMom

    Help 3 Week Old Babies

    Keep a close eye on them, the sooner the better, especially on the hay, will help keep them dry if they are wanting to get lose poops at all, it s/ help quite a bit. I've not had to give lil ones the propbiotic at all, but others w/ lots of exp have it the sooner the better. As...
  7. CorkysMom

    Help 3 Week Old Babies

    Yes you, I had to look back...I was 2nd guessing myself. Interesting tho, you don't often (around here anyway) see tort mini the other a broken tort? Kinda looks like it...both VERY common holland colors..but not mini' I said, around here anyway! :) Either way...
  8. CorkysMom

    Help 3 Week Old Babies

    Good deal....I don't often get the yuck butt...but you just never know. I used to see it more on the old feed, but since I switched about a year ago or a lil more I don't see it as often. Sounds like you are doing great with kinda a touchy situation! :) Hollands are the BEST!
  9. CorkysMom

    Help 3 Week Old Babies

    They do look awful young....are they out of the same litter? The one on the right looks a lil younger to me, but that can happen in same litter, just like people..different sizes. :) They are very cute... sounds like you've already gotten good advice. I raise hollands and don't even think...
  10. CorkysMom

    Long time no see!

    Good to see you...I too work in the IT field...dunno about there, but here it was alot of fun proving myself in a male dominated field. At this point I'm pretty burnt out I work alot of stupid hours and am on call all the time. If it weren't for the hours I'd like it alot more. The work...
  11. CorkysMom

    I got a new laptop!

    They charged you $350 bucks to remove what I call crapware?!?!? That's's so easy to do (granted I do work in the IT industry)...they are ripping people off! This is truly easy stuff to do, remove that stuff. Sorry you have vista, YUCK! I've had HP's for awhile now and they've...
  12. CorkysMom

    8 Seconds

    Yes, it was really good from what I remember! It's been a long time.
  13. CorkysMom

    From the Pen of Poe...

    Great news!!!!
  14. CorkysMom

    Check out these checks

    I've had em for a long time too!
  15. CorkysMom

    He's famous...How cool is that?!?!

    Good to see you too Jan...hope things are good in your world. Will have to see what I can come up w/ I did take some of him fairly recent and have done some movies too. Right now I'm doped up on my sleep better not try now...lord only knows what i'd put up!