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    Not Again!!! )=

    Unfortunately we were never able to find a cure. We did find that doxycycline (which had to be compounded at the pharmacy) worked best at controlling her symptoms. She would do 3 months of it and then take a break. Then when her symptoms returned we’d start her on it again. We also had her using...
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    My rabbit developed GI Stasis. I took her to the vet and they did an X-ray to make sure it wasn’t a blockage. That’s when I found out my bun had arthritis. She was put on Meloxicam and a joint supplement from Sherwood Health. (if you can spend the money, Sherwood Health has the best supplement...
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    Has anyone ever dealt with this bacteria in their rabbit?! There’s not much on the internet about it. It’s def plant based. Maybe fruit trees? I’m getting rid of the apple stick and any supplements I have containing fruit. Honestly though I don’t even know if this will help, but I’m at a loss...
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    Not Again!!! )=

    This might be a long shot since this is from 2005, but Lissa, did you ever have any luck getting this under control? My rabbit apparently has this and there is not much info about it. The vet is an exotic vet, but has never seen this before. She had to research it and said it’s plant based. I do...