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    Is it safe for buns to play outside?

    I live in a condo and my Homeowners Association does spray herbicides and pesticides on our grounds. I've never let my bunnies outside because of this. Is there ever a time when it's safe to let buns out on treated lawns? Like a week or a month after the lawn has been treated?
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    New to the rabbit world

    I couldn't stand that litter, it smelled so bad when soiled. I switched to pine horse stall pellets and it's been a lifesaver! Not only are the pine pellets much more effective but they are quite a bit cheaper. The pellets are kiln treated so there is no chemical residue such as you would find...
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    Butterscotch and Goose's Bunny Blog

    Bunny update! Butterscotch and Goose are doing well! They are a textbook example of a happy couple. I'm a little jealous. I have not built up the courage to free roam them yet but they do have access to their playpen 12 hours each day during the week and Friday afternoon to Monday morning on...
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    New rabbit owner

    I'm sorry if this has already been said and I missed it but you will want to get your female spayed eventually so that she doesn't develop cancer later in life.
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    Bunnies neutered but not eating

    My female had a hard time after her spay and all she would eat for about 2 days was cilantro. (With an occasional nibble of several different varieties of hay.) I did as JBun suggested, I fed wet cilantro throughout the day and after a couple of days she started nibbling on her normal foods. I...
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    Litter Training a Bonded Pair?

    I put vinyl flooring under my rabbits' cage and play pen because I was having trouble litter training my female. She would go potty anywhere on any soft surface. They were both scared of the new flooring at first but now they're completely fine with it. The vinyl is larger than the play pen so...
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    Butterscotch and Goose's Bunny Blog

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Butterscotch and Goose are now officially husbun and bunwife and they moved into their new home today. They have been doing overnights since a few weeks after Butterscotch was spayed and there has never, ever been an issue. They have always been in love, since the...
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    How to insulate the outdoors?

    Can you offer him a refrigerated floor tile or a frozen bottle of water to lay next to if he feels hot? Or an oscillating fan that he can choose to lay in front of? Just to monitor how he chooses to try to regulate his temp.
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    Bunny suddenly lethargic

    Greens should be introduced very slowly and only one type at a time over several days until you are sure your bunny can handle that type of green. If I were you I definitely would not feed any more greens right now. Hopefully the more experienced members will be along shortly to help you but as...
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    What do your bunnies daily veggies look like?

    Perfect! That IS EXACTLY what my buns and I needed. Thank you!!! I'm so happy to see cilantro can be fed daily, it is Butterscotch's favorite and she comes running up to me when she thinks I have some. And it's so cheap. Thank you, Alyssa!!!
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    What do your bunnies daily veggies look like?

    I'm in the beginning stages of introducing veggies to my young bunnies and so far all they've tried is cilantro, romaine, and green leaf lettuce. Has anyone (or could anyone) make a list of veggies in order of best to worst? Worst as in feed sparingly - like kale - but still ok to feed. Also...
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    Butterscotch and Goose's Bunny Blog

    She is back to her old sassy self already! Now it's hard to keep her calm so she can heal. She rattles those cage bars like my house is on fire or something. I let her out today and she made out with her boyfriend and now they're having dinner together. Omg so cute.