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    Help with bunny bonding please!

    My Lionhead male rabbit was two years old and neutered when I brought in a new baby female Holland Lop to the home. My older rabbit is free-roaming and intended to make the new bunny free-roaming too. She was very tiny and not potty trained yet, so I kept her in a cage until I could at least...
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    Bunny litter box trouble

    I have two free-roam house bunnies that have the run of the whole living room, sofa and all. So I need their feet to be as clean as possible. In their litter box, I first line it with a pee pad, then I put about 2 cups of So Phresh Crumbled Paper Bedding and spread that out over the pad, and...
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    You know you're obsessed with rabbits when...

    When the living room has become the bunny room. It's nice watching TV and the bunnies lounging out on the TV console :)
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    Share your bunnies!

    Aloha from Hawaii! I have two buns. Butters is a male Lionhead, 2 yrs old. And Luna-Bella is a female Holland Lop, 3 months old. Luna looks just like Muffin, gray on the bottom of the feet too! BTW, Butters is neutered ;)
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    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    Here’s my Lionhead’s setup. He’s cage-free most of the day. I only lock him away at night and when I’m not at home. There’s a litter box, hay bin, and water bottle inside (also a bowl of water outside the cage) He goes in/out throughout the day to eat. I change out the litter box daily and...
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    HELP!! two male bunnies

    Have you tried the Humane Society of SPCA? They don't advertise that they spay/neuter rabbits but when they have rabbit surrendered to them, they spay/neuter it before putting it up for adoption. So, they are capable of doing the procedure. And they're a lot cheaper than a vet.
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    Bunny's keeping us up at night

    Is your bunny spayed? I've had my male Lionhead since he was a baby. He was very chill and calm up until 6 months old. He started to get very agitated and frustrated and would dig and scratch at the rugs and even started to scratch at the walls. About a year old, I got him neutered and it...
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    Are most rabbit owners vegan?

    I wish I could be vegan but very hard to give up the basic things. I'd never eat rabbit though!