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    LuvaBun wrote: This is such a lovely, comforting thought Jan. :) I was so very sorry to see Shadow's name on here.:( He really was such a lovely bunny, I am so sorry that he is gone - though he definitely lived a wonderful life with you! I'm sure him and Millie and Pernod are fighting over...
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    Goodbye Shadow, my Beautiful Big, Black Bun

    Oh no Jan - I am so sorry to hear this. Poor Shadow!:( I was very lucky in having the pleasure to meet him when you pet-sat Millie for me, and I loved how the two of them became friends. What a lovely, kind bunny he was. I'm so sorry for your loss Jan. I hope you are ok.
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    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your thoughts. I still can't believe she is gone. My cat (Ollie) and my grandpa died earlier this year as well, so it has not been a good year for my family!! But I can certainly take comfort in the fact that she lived a long and happy life and didn't suffer...
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    Hi Guys, I'm not sure if any of you guys still remember me as I haven't posted in a while; however, for those that remember my bunny Millie I am sad to report that she passed away this morning.:( She wasn't ill or suffering, I think she must have had a heart attack or something. She was very...
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    Oh Michaela, I am so so sorry to hear about your Ruby. :(And I totally empathise about being away at uni and so not being able to be home at times like this! Many hugs to you. :hug: Binky free Ruby:pink iris:
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    Millie's bunny burrows of madness

    Thanks so much for your well wishes and thoughts of Millie guys, it means a lot. :)I am incredibly happy to tell you that it seems like Millie is back to her old self! I'm hesitant to say that she is 100%, but she certainly seems it! Woo hoo!! :):):) Many thanks from Millie and myself for...
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    Millie's bunny burrows of madness

    Thanksso much for your thoughts guys.:) My girlie is doing much better today. She is eating on her own (greens and pellets) and has been going to the loo a lot more than she has beenthe last few days. She's still only eating small amounts, but it's a start! Bless my mum, she has taken another...
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    Millie's bunny burrows of madness

    Heya guys, sorry it's been such a long time since I've been on here! I hope you guys are ok, thanks for checking in on me and Mills. :) Unfortunately I don't come baring good news I'm afraid. Millie is quite ill at the moment. :(She became ill very suddenly at the weekend, and on Saturday...
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    Pebbles 06/23/04 - 05/14/10

    I haven't been on the forum in a while and am devestated to hear of the loss of Pebbles. To echo what many have said before me, Pebbles was an incredibly special bunny who seemed to connect to us all in some way...it's so hard to believe that she is really gone. :cry2 My thoughts are with you...
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    Millie's bunny burrows of madness

    Heya Misty, Millie is a standard rex, though a smaller than usual one as she was he runt of her litter. When Ruby was still here she was always several inches longer than Millie when they both stretched out!;) Heya Cystal. Aww bless you! :)We're both good thanks, though I'm so busy at the...
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    My Rabbits and Ramblings

    I agree with Cheryl.:DHow are you and the bunnies doing, Jan?:)
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    Millie's bunny burrows of madness

    Heya Crystal, sorry I haven't been on RO in ages! Things are just so busy, I feel bad. I need to catch up with how everyone is doing!:) As for me and Mills, we are great. Millie is loving this weather and has returned to her old sun worshipping days.;)Her strange fur loss has also totally been...
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    Fur loss on front legs

    It looks a bit sore but not too bad. Still, I don't want to leave it till it gets too bad. I guess I'll have to pop her into the vets for a look. :sigh:Poor Mills - back again!
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    Anyone have a Pandora?

    I love charm bracelets! I have a Links of London one, and a Bacio (which is just like the italian version of a Pandora). I love them! I always think they tell such a story as well, as most of my charms are presents so remind me of the people who bought me them.:)Although I have to say my Bacio...
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    Fur loss on front legs

    Heya guys :) Well, Millie had an eye infection a few weeks ago, however we took her to the vets and treated it with antibiotics and she is fine now. However, about a week ago I noticed she had lost some fur on the insides of her front legs. The skin wasn't broken or anything, so I put it down...