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    very vocal

    anyone have a vocal bunny? I swear, shesoundsscare everytime I get close toher.But when I touch her cheek shesquiet again. And she vocal when I feed too. Sometimes she runs,sometimes she doesn't. Sounds more like loud squeeling honk type sound.She gives a lot of mixed signals.
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    It cant be

    it may be the hay. How long have you had him,and when did the allergies start? If it is the hay, can youget a less dusty kind? I like to get my timothy they have great stuff.
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    missyscove wrote: but shes eating BUNNY poo, not her own.
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    Domestic abuse by bunnies!

    ha ha. awww sorry
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    ewww lol
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    Runner (my dog) is eating kicked out bunny poo. She has food. Why eat bunny poo?
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    what do I do?

    I would LOVE for Annie to be the cuddly type.But I've never gotten groomed or kissed. She seems lonely, so I put astuffed doggie and she cuddles with it and grooms it. But won't with meand I'm real lol. She wil however take all the grooming FROM me all shecan get. She's a taker, never the giver...
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    Linz_1987 wrote: sure!
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    So today we went to the zoo. There was anOrangatang there. She had saggin boobs with pointy nipples. I KNEW theywere nursin boobies lol. Last time I saw her she had a "newborn" I waspg with dd. She's still nursing itIt came runnin to her and latched on like a toddler. She(mom) held ittight and...
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    Breaking the toilet seat?????

    In my home town there was a purple toilet in a yard, they had planted flowers in it.
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    Are there any crafty people in here?

    ty guys! :) Yup everything is for sale there.Some is already gone but can be made. If you are worried about price,just enough for supply and shipping will be ok. I just wanna get myname out there lol.
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    nic panels

    binkies wrote: yeah but those are polypropylene. It doesn't look like much air wouldget thru them. The ones you have look really neat, I'm sad they were onclearance :( I'll be looking more. polypropylene, at least I think that's how they are, they don't look like screens.
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    nic panels

    jordiwes wrote: Yeah those but she said they were on clearance :(
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    Darn it, Snuffles

    IMO, light grids do a lot better. YOu can cut them down, they last longer. Annie chews the yarn things up. And it doesn't stay in place. Light grids arent that expensive.
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    Are there any crafty people in here?

    nuttinbutrouble wrote: I have my own website. Tho I barely make any money off of it and Iundercharge a lot. Usually the prices you see there, if I know you froma board, I charge less than that. I just want to make people happy andget my work out there :)
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