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    Do wild baby rabbits carry diseases that domestic rabbits can catch?

    Clean if very thoroughly, use bleach. Wild rabbits can carry all the same diseases as domestic rabbits. Most wild rabbits also carry tapeworm. Fleas and mites can be an issue depending on time of year and where you live.
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    How much does everyone spend on their bunnies?

    rokinmyownsox wrote: Yep, that sounds about right. Actually our bunnies are the least expensive to house/maintain of our animals.... well except for the horses.
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    How much is your bunny worth?

    That is terrible, I'm glad they were returned. I know when it comes to an animal being stolen or killed if you want any kind of legal action taken you have to give it a monetary value. To me I think the value depends greatly on the specific animal and the crime.
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    Rough couple of days... :(

    I know that sometimes life dumps things on us all at once, but try to focus on the good things in your life and it will help you to cope with the bad.
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    Dog and Bunny?

    It may just take your bunny a little while to feel safe when the dog tries to interact. Rabbits are true prey animals with very little natural defense and some just seem to understand this better than others. When your dog tries to interact the rabbit might be suddenly realizing that he's...
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    Who has perfect litter box manners?

    My daughter's bunny Eirik is good, he pees in it (will even go back to his crate to use the litterbox to pee when he's loose in the room. And you can tell that he does most of his poos in there but every day there are still some droppings in the cage.
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    My boyfriend is jealous of my bunny (as well as my other pets).

    Wow, I just read through this post, I hope you are doing well. Sounds like a terrible situation you were in. I am a firm believer in making it clear the things that are most important in your life at the beginning of a relationship. Animals can be a very critical part of healthy living for...
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    Feeling overwhelmed

    littl3red wrote: I agree. I know it's hard when you have a family and animals to take care of, and I imagine it's much harder when you have a job away from home. I am thankful that I am a stay at home mom but I still have so much going on in my life and we have quite a few animals that even...
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    The first piece of music you ever owned

    I remember it was an 8track tape- don't remember what it was exactly though. I got rid of all my 8 tracks about 5years ago when my player finally died and I couldn't repair it any more. Most of my stuff was on vinyl and cassette. I bought a Kenny Rogers and a Styx record (still have them)...
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    Pictures of you?

    Everyone is so young and pretty! Makes me feel a bit old :P I have lots of photos of all our animals, my kids and even a few of my husband but not many that include myself as I am always the one taking pics. This photo is from a camping trip we took a couple years ago (the only one we have ever...
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    Change in Behaviour

    It may be just a stress reaction from the introduction of a new bunny- even though they are getting on well. I would just watch her for a few days and see if there are any changes to her eating/pooing habbits. Don't worry yourself too much.
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    Found a kitten! (Graphic picture)

    That poor kitty! You are an angel for catching him and caring for him! Looks as though he was hit by a car or caught in engine. If he's able to function and you can keep infection from setting in I'm sure he'll heal up fine. May have a nasty scar on his head but that's no biggie. It's truly...
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    Meet Eirik

    My youngest daughter got to pick a new bunny last week. He is (now 9 weeks old) Checkered/Flemish Giant mix. He gets to be a house bunny- we set up our old wire dog crate in my husband and I's bedroom for his pen. He's got a large corner litter box that he has already figured out for the most...
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    Questions for those with giant breeds?

    littl3red wrote: I think like most animals a lot of it is how they are raised/treated. Checkered Giants are an active breed, we have two. Our buck is a real sweety and loves to be held and petted.
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    Nesting Box

    I just make my own wood boxes with an easy access entrance. If I'm not going to use it as a nest box then sometimes I make a solid box with two entrances for them to go through.