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    Need Advice

    So I'm been a while and I'm still puzzling over this topic. I've been busy lately and I have only been spending 30 mins with Bambi each day because of time. He is still acting the same as before. There is a wild bunny who is missing an eye and seems to be partially deaf that has been visiting...
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    Need Advice

    I think he is bored because he often chews his cage bars and just seems to stare into space. He is very athletic and is always desparate to get out for excercise. He normally does little binkys when he sees me which I guess means he's excited to see me. I can't really say I have bonded many...
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    Need Advice

    Hi all. So since Bambi's previous friend Betty passed away from Pasturella I have been thinking of getting him another friend. I am not sure if I should. Bambi lives outside in a walk in chicken coop...
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    How to give greens/veggies to bunny?

    Do you have anything growing in the garden? Im not sure what plants you have there but if you have a friend or family member with a garden you could ask them what they have??? I feed Bambi various types of grass, thistle, parsely, dandelion, rocket, mustard greens, kale, mint, clover and the...
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    Bunny proofing and exercise area question

    I have the same pen! You mentioned that you would be getting your new bun a hutch. My suggestion is that you buy an x pen at least 35 inches high and put it around the hutch. That way you can let your bunny run around all day and he/she can go between the hutch and x pen. Then when it is time...
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    Keeping floor dry

    Thanks. The coop arrived yesterday morning we are going to construct it tommorow. It is awesome. My mum suggested getting some soft barkchips and making them thick enough that they would stay fairly dry. Are barkchips too hard on bunny's feet? We have stopped the problem of horizontal rain by...
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    Keeping floor dry

    I am in australia so no snow or ice really here :D. It is definetley not Bambi weeing on the bedding as the bedding is completely soaked through with water as well as all the toys being soaked. Plus Bambi is littertrained. I forgot to mention that the run is 3.65 m long and 1.10 metres wide...
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    Your dream rabbit home

    what is your ultimate rabbit home? It does not matter if it is inside or outside or you could never ever afford it or have the skills to make it. Mine would be a house bunny with access through a cat flap to a huge fully enclosed bunny playground with safe bunny plants, apple trees, toys and...
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    Keeping floor dry

    What could I use for the floor?
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    Keeping floor dry

    Hello. I have not been on this forum in a long time. Recently me and my bunny Bambi have been having the problem of the floor of the run which is part brick and part newspapers with shavings getting soaked. It is not pleasant or comfortable for Bambi at all and I am afraid it may lead to a URI...
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    My naughty bunny

    he looks nothing like a nethie. He seems to have very large ears and his shape is not that of a netherland dwarf either. If he is not fixed then getting him done may help the toileting habits. The sloppy poo you are describing sounds like an excess cecal.
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    I'm obsessed with my rabbit.

    Ha ha sounds like me! Bambi is an outdoor bunny much to my dismay so I try extra hard to spoil and please him. I don't know how many hundreds of dollars I have spent on toys and things. I freak out if the weather turns slightly cold or hot and go nuts with shelters, icepacks, WHATEVER. At one...
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    Rabbit with pasturella

    yes she did check her tear ducts and teeth. She said it does not seem like her teeth are bad and that her tear ducts were not blocked. She said it was most likely a repistory tract infection.
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    Rabbit with pasturella

    Hello all. So one of my two bunnies Betty seems to have snuffles. We took her to the vet yesterday and the vet said it seems like paturella and they gave us baytril to give her ( 1 ML per day ). She has been sneezing and snorting and she has a lot of nose discharge and discharge from 1 eye. I...