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    Fall Scenery

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    Fall Mice

    Thanks! :D
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    Fall Scenery

    THEY ARE AWESOME PICTURES!! That is SO cool! Wehave NO color around here! Everything colored is fake, lol... THe grassis either green or dead. Same as the trees! And we have no water!! :(
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    Fall Mice

    Sorry its not rabbits, just thought I would share!
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    Ok well about the tail picture. My hand wasunder him and I only did it for a second. I was trying to get a pictureof his stomach. And I didn't know at the time. I do know now (a weeklater) that its not right to do that.
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    Thank you for your help!
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    Could someone help make this picture- http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f90/jrmbunnylove/avymiceys2.jpg 100 X 100 because its supposed to be my avatar and its to wide! :(
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    mine aren't stinky... And they are both males..I open the window everyday though because lately the outside has beencooler than the inside so we keep the windows open. But if you changetheir tank once a week they dont ever get stinky!
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    SORRY ABOUT BLURRINESS- I have a GREAT camera but they dont stop moving! Here is their tank! And a pretty good picture of noname Here is the "long haired" noname on his wheel... He's on it constantly! This is the one I might name Baby Blue Here he is on his wheel again! Here is the broken...
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    Name's soon to come You can't see me!! SHINY!! I can run on the wheel also!! :P SEE! How can I lay in here! Shiny and smooth... Gorgeous combination! This food is better because its still in the bag. WOW That was bright! MY WHEEL. LEAVE I can climb all the way up mommys arm but I...
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    Sr. Bucks - 8 months of age and over, weight 8-10 lbs, Ideal weight 9 lbs. Sr. Does - 8 months of age and over, weight 9-11 lbs. Ideal weight 10 lbs. Int. Bucks- 6-8 months of age, not to exceed 9 lbs. Int. Does - 6-8 months of age, not to exceed 9 1/2 lbs. Jr. Bucks - under 6 months of...
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    New Zealand

    Sr. Bucks - 8 months of age and over, weight 9-11 lbs. Ideal weight 10 lbs. Sr. Does - 8 months of age and over, weight 10-12 lbs. Ideal weight 11 lbs. Int. Bucks - 6-8 months of age, not over 10 lbs. Int. Does - 6-8 months of age, not over 11 lbs. Jr. Bucks & Does - under 6 months of...
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    Mini Lop

    The Mini Lop By Qadoshyah Fish,Hoppin’Herd of Hares What is a Mini Lop??? The Mini Lop is agreat breed . . . . With their cute, chubby n’ wide faces, big olelopped ears, a cobby and compact body and superior personality, theyare the all around perfect breed. What an easy breed to raise also . ...
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    French Lop

    French Lop History The French Lop Rabbit was first bred in France around 1850 and was established in France as a rabbit for meat during the mid 1800s. Produced by crossing two existing breeds, the English Lop and the Butterfly Rabbit of France. The Butterfly rabbit is still bred in...
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    English Lop

    The English Lop is certainly a one of a kind rabbit.They are a very tolerable and affectionate breed of rabbit with certainuniqueness to them. No other breed of rabbit can claim to “beall ears”! The ears of the English Lop must measure 21" fromtip to tip to be shown, even in the junior class...