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    Hello - Merlin here (if you are my fwiend you can call me Merls if you want)! Just thouht I would let yous know how much I LOVE food! If its hay of cabbage - I love it! The other day, my mommie bought me lots of tweats - dry carrot crunch, dry beetroot crunch, dry food mix and this hay thing...
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    Me and my friends

    Dont woowy too much! Its all over quite qwik - although I get scared whenthey twap me in the bathwoom! MERLIN :D
  3. bunnylover1209

    Me and my friends

    I will be fwiends with yu Ash!:coolness:
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    Me and my friends

    I HATE having my nails clipped! My big hooman always twaps me in the tiny bathroom and covers me in this weally big blue thing (I think it's called a towel)! Then she gets hold of my paw and starts clipping my nails! Urg! Actually this reminds me, it will be about the right time for my hooman to...
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    Me and my friends

    Yes, me is agreeing with you, Pip! Hoomans are SILLY and ANNOYING too!
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    Me and my friends

    :hello YAY! another fwiend! Me starting to get quite a few fwiendies now! Me loves fwiendies - tey are awwwsome! I feel sad for you that your mummy puts you in yours cage! Me doesn't need to worry about that - my hoomans pwomised me that i will be the only bunni in my house! That was werry...
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    Life as a bunni

    :hello Me couldn't 'magine being anyving else but a bunni! Me loves it! Me doesn't get to go outzide but me love it inside -itz wery WARMY and COSY! Also, me likes going through mammies bag!Look- :happyrabbit:MERLIN :brat:


    He loves snuggling with teddies!
  9. HE\'S SO CUTE!!

    HE\'S SO CUTE!!

    He does this a lot!
  10. COSY!


    When we returned home one day, we found him flopped on the sofa!
  11. SNUGGLE!


    He lovs to play about in his bed, but, for some reason, he never actually sleeps in it!
  12. FLOP!


    He does this a lot!
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    What in the world is wrong with the humans?

    Me thinks that hoomans can be tupid too! But dey can be Wery nice at times! The wors thing for me iz that I'm a house rabit so i haz to always cope with my hoomans moving my toys when they are cleansing (what iz the point in cleansing up if yous are dust gonna make a mess agains)! Anyways. Got...
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    Me and my friends

    So does I. But yous iz my firs fwiend! Me likes chewing cardboard too And me does like chocholaties too! Tat iz if I cans get zome!
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    Me and my friends

    Hey Pip! Me too does agree that hoomans are silly! Me only haz two frienz (my hoomans)! Only me is a rabbit in my house! I live inzide, and me does not ever goes in my cage! Me iz kinda spoilt! Hehehe! I waz wondering if yous would like to be my friend? Pawaps get ta know each oter? Tat would be...
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