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    White urine?

    The white urine I don't know about but I can help with the playing. It is good that he likes you that much but it is a sign of separation problems. You could help him by doing a few things. 1. Letting him play by himself but coming back and giving him lots of love. 2. You can have him meet...
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    I don't but if they are still sharp u might want to clip at a flat instead of an angle, if they are still sharp u might want to file them. It takes alot of patience and time but it could be worth it.
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    Devastated over bunny

    I am so sorry. It is not your fault and u did nothing wrong, it is hard losing an animal and its even harder when others don't uderstand. I will be praying for you. The vet should have done something else instead of just giving u medicine. I am so sorry for your loss.
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    "God must love idiots 'cause he made so darn many!

    I am so sorry! Some people these day are just so rude. Tell her that she was right and that I hope she has better luck from now on!
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    Twisted toe

    Is it the nail or the toe, if its the entire toe u should go get it looked at if it is just the nail he should be ok, it isn't a big deal if is the nail. Good luck!
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    Tips on how to get along with you bunny and litter training?

    That sounds like its working for training. You can use positive encouragement when he does somthing right, that always helps a lot. Also if your grandma is treating her rabbits like that it is best not to take her advice. Holding a bunny by the ears has so many effects on a bunny that only hurt...
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    Spot on the Inside of Ear

    That was most likely a scab, I can't be sure because I haven't seen it. She should be ok just make sure it doesn't get infected.
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    Cut on nose

    She is a cute bunny! I would wait but just make sure there is no infection. It will take some time to heal but she should be ok!
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    That is great! Keep up the good work!
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    Female pulling other females fur out

    It could be both, after they breed there hormones change a lot. For noww I would keep them separated and just let time do its thing. I would also get prepared to have a litter, alot of times the fist one doesn't make it but its better safe than sorry. Good luck and keep is updated!
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    We've lost half of my family's rabbits (8 out of 16) and we don't know whats causing it :(

    I am so glad you finally can get what you need! This whole thing has been hard for pet owners bit we can finally get what is needed to keep our pets happy! I hope you all stay safe and healthy!
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    Rabbit pee!!!

    Yep, that is a good thing!
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    Oh no... I am sorry to hear that. I will pray for them to get better!
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    Messy litter box

    Happy to help!
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    Weaning baby rabbits?

    yeah, that sounds great!