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    Rabbit may be in labor

    My rabbit, a female mini lop, is 27 days pregnant. I checked on her today and found that she was nesting, but there was blood in the cage. Does this mean that she is in labor? She’s not due for about 5 days and I want to make sure that she’s ok. Any help and answers are much appreciated, thank...
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    Rabbit is due to give birth tomorrow

    Our mini lop rabbit is due to give birth tomorrow. She escaped our house almost 31 days ago (we are getting her spayed, to make sure we don’t have any more litters after this) and she was out for about an hour. There are lots of rabbits in the area and she has been pregnant once before so we...
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    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    Thanks for all the advice, I knew there was a high risk of cancer but wasn't sure about risk with spaying. I will get her spayed as soon as possible.
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    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    I heard that there is a risk that the rabbit could die if you spay it. I'm not sure if that's true but I don't really want to risk it
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    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    My rabbit is a mini lop, almost 2 years old. She recently escaped our yard and ran off into the bush, where we found her an hour later. She knows wild rabbits in the area and was pregnant about 2 months ago (the babies died as we did not know she was pregnant and we were on holiday), I tried...