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    Post pictures of sleepy buns!

    Pumi always sleeping like a log 😆
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    Where did you get your bunnies name from?

    My bun's name is Pumi! We thought the black volcano rock, pumice, suits his black fur and the name Pumi (poo-me) would be the perfect name for him! 😊 😍I love Yuki and Snowy! Their names are so cute and so are they!!!
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    Does My Rabbit Love Me?

    My Pumi is not the licker and doesn't cuddle with me. He was a feral rabbit that I adopted from the sanctuary 4 months ago (now 9 months old) so he is more on the skiddish side. He is comfortable with us when we sit down on the floor to hang out with him. I can tell he want pets when he put his...
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    Opinion on Cat Trees

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving for those in Canada! I wanted to get opinions on cat trees and how their buns like it. I saw The Bunny Lady and Ellie on YouTube have a cat tree and her bun actually jumps on the platforms which is so cute. I am looking to get one for...
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    6 Month Old Rabbit Lifestyle - Checking if Okay

    Pumi is also a havana mix!! There are actually quite a lot where I live just roaming the parks which is why the rabbit rescue group was able to rescue so many. Every time I go out to run errands I see Pumi's brothers and sisters running free and eating all the grass 😆
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    6 Month Old Rabbit Lifestyle - Checking if Okay

    Thank you HoppyRabbits! That means so much to me and I hope Pumi is happy. This is my first rabbit and I have been wanting one for years. I made sure to educate myself on Youtube. Your buns are so cute and reminds me of Pumi!
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    Why Thump All Night??

    Thank you Hermelin! Bunnies are such weird cute creatures haha Pumi's usual spot is the living room to sleep and hang out in. This is the first time where he kept thumping at night every few minutes. I've had him for a few months now. We did not change or move anything so its odd. He thumped at...
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    Why Thump All Night??

    Hello JBun and thank you for your insight on this. Since I live on the 6th floor of our apartment, there are no bugs or mouse that gets through here. He has a hidey home under the couch that he sleeps in and a small corner table where he usually hangs out during the day. We haven't moved or...
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    6 Month Old Rabbit Lifestyle - Checking if Okay

    Thank you BarneyBabe! His ears are so big and was tattooed by the rescue group I adopted from to keep track that he was neutered and in case anyone finds him outdoor. He is a little brat but makes up with his cuteness! 😄
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    Why Thump All Night??

    Hello everyone, I am very confused as to why my rabbit is thumping all night so I had to come here for help! My rabbit is 7 months old, adopted a few months ago from a rescue group and is free roam. We live in an apartment so he gets the whole living room/kitchen to himself. He also has...
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    6 Month Old Rabbit Lifestyle - Checking if Okay

    Hello Blue eyes! Thank you for replying to my post, I really appreciate it! :D I feel less stressed as a new bunny mom. I just want him to stay healthy. Thank you for catching that as well, I meant to write 4 months old haha I made a mistake and wrote unlimited pellets when I meant unlimited...
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    6 Month Old Rabbit Lifestyle - Checking if Okay

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe during this time! I would like to get people's suggestions and opinions to see if my rabbits lifestyle is healthy for him. This may be a long post about his daily routine but I want to make sure my rabbit will stay happy and healthy! :) I adopted...
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    Shy New Baby Rabbit

    Hello Diane! He gets unlimited hay to eat and 1/4 cup pellets in morning and another 1/4 cup pellets at night. He is 5 months old and was recommended this amount from the rescue society where I adopted him. Since he gets pellets, he doesn't pay any attention to it as treats but will eat it ever...
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    Shy New Baby Rabbit

    Thank you guys!! I will out dried bananas and apples in my shopping list!!
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    Trouble Grooming while He Moults

    Hello everyone, My 5 month old rabbit is moulting a lot, especially on his sides! We adopted him in June so he is still very afraid of us. I see him grooming himself all the time and he has shed both sides of his body without my help. I am so afraid of him having stomach issues with all the...