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    How did you get into shows?

    Hi there! I've always wanted to take part in rabbit shows, but I've never had the means or info on how to get my foot in the door. I know the obvious info, such as needing a pedigree rabbit and such, but I'm more so curious on how one would go about entering show life? I'd rather hear it from...
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    Trimming nails

    Looking for any advice on trimming a difficult bunnies nails. Any tips or tricks you have would be great to hear. Thanks!
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    How did you start breeding rabbits?

    SableSteele, Figured as much! Interesting to learn about how the licensing works though. Would not have figured that. Lends itself to being a "passion project" more than a career, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing what you know!
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    How did you start breeding rabbits?

    Imbrium, I am hoping to see that some breeders might share their stories. Definitely curious to see how some started! Always a good story in something like that, I'm sure of it. I figured hobby at best as well, as it seems like more of a passion than a career. Definitely something from the...
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    How did you start breeding rabbits?

    I'm honestly just curious on how some of you went about setting up a breeding practice, either for a hobby or income or other. I'd love to start my own some day, of course when I have the space, money, and time to do so. How did some of you start? What's your story? Any legal routes you had to...
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    There's not much in the way of experience where I can lend a helping hand, but I've been there with a beloved pet that was going through something tough. It's not easy, and I'm so happy your bun has someone like you. I wish you both all the best!! As long as you can make her comfortable, I think...
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