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    No matter what kind of day you are having THIS will make it better!

    Awhh, that definitely put a smile on my face!
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    A Kid Named Kaelum

    Emi you need to get the new pics up that I took of him a week or so ago!
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    I can finally tell!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to him! That is awesome! I write stories as well and hope that one of mine will eventually be published!
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    got another baby goose and 3 polish chicks today!

    Oh I want to see pictures of the geese! I just love geese! I wish I had babies, it's been so long since I've had adorable chicks and ducklings!
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    Baby Isabelle!

    Congratulations she is adorable! And I love her name!
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    Nikon D3000

    Thanks for the replies! Stan I haven't checked any local camera shops no. In fact I'm not sure if there are many too close to me. I know of one in Olympia though, but never been there. I think that what I'm going to do is save up some more money so that I buy a brand new one, and get a...
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    Rabbit jumped

    Typically what I do if I have a rabbit jump from my arms, which unfornutatley happens a lot, I will set them on the floor and see if they are walking normally, are they limping, not moving, dragging a foot? Look for those things, also if they scream that could mean something is wrong. Also feel...
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    Nikon D3000

    Okay so right now I have a Canon SX20 that I love! But I am getting more into photography, getting better at it, trying to get my own business going. I was told I needed a D-SLR but I didn't think I would be able to afford one for awhile. But I just found a slightly used one on craiglist for...
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    Rabbit Fever on Today Show

    I've just seen the trailer for this movie after knowing about it for several months. It looks fantastic!! I think it will really get a lot of people's attention and bring more people to the rabbit show world!
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    tonights "Hoarders" episode on a&e, the man who hoarded bunnies...

    RandomWiktor wrote: The episode with the rats had me in complete shock! I couldn't believe my eyes when the camera panned down and the ENTIRE floor was just covered in rats! :shock:It was jaw-dropping!
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    tonights "Hoarders" episode on a&e, the man who hoarded bunnies...

    I watched this! It was soo sad! My heart broke when I saw the condition the rabbits were living in. I am glad he let many of them go so they could have better care.
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    Mini Rex doe

    She looks a little low in the shoulders, has good depth and width. Nice topline and hindquarters are well rounded. Not sure about the toenails though.
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    New Elop Litter

    :thud: They are soo cute!!
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    Officially meet Noah!

    He is such a cutie and definitley looks like a Noah!
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    First Show!

    You would be surprised at how many there are! Haha. I went to a show once and I'm not sure exactly how many rabbits were there, enough that we had to sit outside! But there was one lady there who had 200 rabbits alone!