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    Molly a holland lop needs a new home(Utah)

    This is my younger brothers rabbit and my parents agree he isn't caring for her with as much love as she needs. She has had an aggressive streak though, she still loves being pet and loves treats but can be territorial. She is not spayed which may be contributing to this. She is about 3...
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    Will My Doe Miscarry?

    You would need to go to a vet to find out, but rabbits are pretty amazing so i wouldn't worry unless you see problems come up.
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    Baby bun nose bitten by an older bunny and bleeding. Will it recover/grow back?

    Yeah he lost a little meat too. It looks like it is healing great. You're doing a great job keeping it clean. I bet he'll be fine really soon :)
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    Baby bun nose bitten by an older bunny and bleeding. Will it recover/grow back?

    I've had this happen before, my sisters bunny healed up really well. There is still some scarring but otherwise he is happy and healthy. Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't become an abscess or infected.
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    Is this ringworm?

    Some types of ringworm will glow orange under uv light, not all fungus does though. If it does then you know if not there is still a chance. And a vet can check everything. Hope it clears up soon
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    Rabbit Grass

    Thank you all! I'm excited to get something working :)
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    Rabbit Grass

    Do you know what brand it called?
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    Rabbit Grass

    I’m about to move to an apartment which won’t have a good yard for my bunny. I’m wanting to grow indoor grass for her, I’ve read that oat and wheat grass are good but I’m worried about what soil is safe. Does anyone know any good stuff for this?
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    Two New Zealand’s need home in PA

    I can't take any bunnies personally but good luck! They are so cute :)
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    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know

    I'm also in Utah, could you tell me which vet gives the vaccine?
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    Gi stasis, lumps in tummy

    I brought him to the vet today and they weren't able to help him so he is being euthanized.thank you for helping me
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    Gi stasis, lumps in tummy

    Thanks, I’ll keep him warm. And I’m definitely going to look at some other vets
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    Gi stasis, lumps in tummy

    I saw him drink water on his own! That makes me a lot less worried. And I managed to get simethicone and used the dosing on that article, ill try to give updates and ask for advice. Thank you!